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Pre – Operation Notes

Our defensive forces deployed to Westfall and Dun Morogh have done their part. We have shown the Alliance that, despite the Broken Shore, the Horde does have their backs. This should help in our negotiations, as they are coming up quickly. I am to meet with the draenei representative first. He is putting this meeting together, so hopefully he is not too hostile.


I have met with Father Ryadan. He is... eccentric. Hell, I think he’s not-so-secretly a part of Twilight’s Hammer. He was rambling on about the creators and the void and all sorts of nonsense I think is tied back to the Old Gods. Zelch tells me that he is one of the leaders of the Exodar Church of the Shadow…

It’s pretty unnatural for a draenei, but he’s the best we’ve got.

Post – Operation Notes

Those negotiations, no matter how they ended, were a damn farce!

We met at Stonard and flew up to Dalaran only to find another wave of demons had struck the city. We fought our way from Krasus Landing to the Silver Enclave only to find the worgen in the process of remodeling. The elves were on the way out… and I’d wager they are following Proudmoore to wherever she has skulked off to since leaving Dalaran.

We were taken up to the meeting spot and there we were forced to yield our weapons in a sign of good faith. I followed Zelch and Sunvalor’s son’s example and did so without argument. Some others were… more reluctant. But we forfeited our weapons and entered the main hall. There we met Fulcrum Greyback.

I considered it a good sign that he was sitting behind that table, offering drinks to us. We’ve worked with that dwarf many times. Hell, we saved Azeroth from Sabbis Korriban and his former Scarlet raven priest of a minion… with a bit of his help. Valtenath Sunvalor also seemed to know the dwarf quite well and they spent some time in small talk while the other Alliance delegates arrived.

Fulcrum’s former assistant, Zip Raysprocket – a gnome mage – arrived with a sour face. He was not a fan of ours, considering Wrokk nearly beat the life out of him back in Uldum, and we did worse to some of his addled brethren then in the tomb of the dark pharaoh.

He was followed by a druid of the Cenarion Circle, one Allo’ina Waverider, and Ryadan.

My optimism took a solid hit when the human representative arrived. Captain Kirstan Mitchell of the Falconwright Company. The self-declared ‘Justice’ who we spent months hunting and battling in Pandaria. She entered the room with an old Gilnean general called Cornwallis.

It was a struggle from the get-go to try and secure the Alliance votes necessary for our peace accord. The human captain threw Pandaria in our faces, the death of the Alliance’s high king, and all of Garrosh’s war crimes. Before I could defend our reputation, she then went on about that Ashran mess… where Vol’jin’s shadow hunters attacked the Explorer’s League for no reason at all. Ryadan and the night elf spoke in our favor, invoking our work to stop Garrosh, and, more recently, Xalsin’s work. All the while Cornwallis laughed at our squirming to get their approval. It was disgusting, dishonorable....

When we were already down and getting kicked, then Cornwallis stands up and comes down the stairs to gloat in our faces about how our war crimes have not ended. He pointed to the Scythe of Sylvanas, whose delegation was nearly the same size as ours, and told his fellow representatives about their recent actions. Atrocities I had no knowledge of.

He went on to tell of an attack against the refugee camp the Horde has allowed the Alliance to set up on Fenris Isle and presented a former villager from there who was raised as a Forsaken. They Scythe had massacred the human refugees on Fenris Isle and dragged their bodies off to be raised for more Forsaken. And he had damn witnesses. A worgen who survived the attack, and a Forsaken who was formerly of the isle… who was killed and raised against his will….

I was speechless. I looked to Hedva and saw she clearly did not care. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if she wanted the whole damn negotiation to fail! Marris and that Swerto then went on and on about how the old worgen couldn’t prove his claim about the attack. How there was no ‘evidence’ despite his witnesses. They claimed that the Forsaken was tortured into his testimony… but I knew the worgen was speaking the truth. And I get the impression that both Krolbrim and Valtenath, at least, felt the same. They were seething much as I was.

Ancestors damn those corpses! These attacks against the Alliance while we’re at war with the Legion!? This helps nobody! If we cripple and kill one another, we’re making ourselves easier targets for the ranks of demons that are marching on our world.

Fortunately, Zelch and Invar are able to talk… and they did their jobs well. They convinced the other delegates that this whole mess was a lie set up by Cornwallis, which allowed the rest of us to convince five of the six to put aside their differences and work with us instead of against us. Even ‘Justice’ took our side, though she said it was a cautious acceptance.

Afterwards, there was a small celebratory feast. I saw Minzel and Fulcrum exchanging information on the Isles, I spoke to Krolbrim and Valtenath… who were leaving for some convocations or something… meetings of druids and paladins alike. Both the mercenaries and the Scythe returned to Durotar though.

The fleet is leaving soon. My ships are in Bilgewater and will be following close behind the warchief’s fleet. We’ll see how that goes.

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