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Pre – Operation Notes

Today was productive. I was training a new batch of warriors to join the fray in Azshara when I met an orc who goes by Bloodsear. He’s Shattered Hand and offered his aid to the Kalimdor Mercenaries. This includes intel from the guild. After meeting with him, I arranged a signing procedure and met with Hok’kar, Bloodsear, Minzel, and others. It went as expected, with only the goblin signing in ink.

Minzel did redeem her honor by providing me with the writings of the Reliquary based off of the vrykul's texts in Northrend. Stories that when looked at can give us hints into ways to defeat the Legion. A lot of it is vrykul culture and how they lived, but there were mentions of these ‘Pillars of Eternity.’

After having words with Invar… it seems these Pillars of Eternity are the key to our victory against the Legion. The Kirin Tor are after them and now we are too.

It’s just a matter of learning more about them.


These vrykul writings speak of tests of valor, the presence of the gods among the vrykul, and of a land known as Stormheim. There is something there called the ‘Aegis’ and it seems this Aegis is possibly one of these pillars.


I have recalled some of the mercenaries back to Ashenvale. You never know when the Legion will move out of Demon Fall Canyon and until we have a better look at their numbers, we cannot know for sure how at risk Splintertree is. It----

Post – Operation Notes

The Legion acted quicker than the Horde was expecting. They flooded across the Falfarren River and began the slaughter of our unprepared forces. Ranks upon ranks of felguard, fel stalkers and other demons battered into the Horde’s ranks. They aimed to break us there and cut off the elves helping us in Azshara and open a new path of attack to Azshara and the Barrens. Felfire and demolisher fire, elven arrows and goblin bullets rained from the sky….

A small force mustered to charge into the canyon while the Legion’s armies were out engaging that of the mercenaries and the Horde. We rode through the ruinous Felfire Hill and dodged barrages of felcannon fire.

We eventually ran into a shield formation of felguard and dispatched them while bat riders and Swerto’s frost wyrm mount ally dealt with the cannons. When they fell and we entered the clearing, we were confronted by the largest pit lord I’ve seen. And in recent months I’ve seen more than I thought I ever would after Mount Hyjal.

He mocked Hellscream’s legacy. He died to free us from Mannoroth, but Mannoroth was not truly killed by Hellscream. The pit lord, Aggadon, declared the Legion innumerable and boasted that every death would result in a resurrection. We kill a demon, it reappears in the Nether and is back on the field in a matter of time.

Though I wasn’t even sure it would work and I didn’t want to use it so quickly, I took up the Gladekeeper’s Horn and blew into it.

The pit lord was only annoyed by the gesture and responded by summoning the ranks of his army down from the cliffside. He ordered their attack and before he could attack us directly, Viridia dropped out from the clouds and came crashing down upon him.

Wave after wave of demons slowly wore us down. Oskenon was horribly burned, I was wrapped in felfire chains by a strange creature with a tendril-bearded chin, massive arms, and seemingly no legs. They called it a jailor. Four demonic inquisitors worked together to drain Swerto’s soul and after two of them fell, the remaining two worked to enslave Nharos’ mind and turn her against us. They damn well succeeded and she tried to kill us.

She redeemed herself in the end by using her glaive to rend open after we dispatched the demonic host. Aggadon had nearly killed Viridia when Nharos fell on him from below, splitting his stomach open and all the way down to his tail. His organs spewed out and even then it wasn’t until Viridia snapped his neck with her powerful jaws that he erupted in a gout of felfire and finally died.

After the battle we climbed the cliffside to deactivate the portal and found more familiar faces. The Eredar, Prince Mel'korath, had sent Aggadon to conduct the attack, and Dusthorn pointed to the fel lord they called ‘Warbringer Xal’akuul’ was the one who attempted to infiltrate and erect a portal in the Northern Barrens even before the bulk of the invading force came through the Nether. They withdrew the portal and the Legion army left to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Mel'korath even boasted of how fruitless our victory was. I can clearly remember it. “Minor setbacks mean nothing. So long as the Tomb of Sargeras remains open, Azeroth will never halt the Legion’s advances. Pray to your ancestors, your gods, or your spirits that we never cross paths again.

"Your world is doomed.”


Zelch has made contact with a draenei he calls Ryadan. He’s apparently a priest and is interested in potentially enacting some peace talks between his people and ours. We arranged some forces to go to the Alliance lands and help defend their territories to show our willingness to have peace and cooperation. Dun Morogh and Westfall are safer lands courtesy of the Horde.


On my order, Minzel went to Silvermoon to seek out Talarien Sunvalor. She met with him and later returned with a book from his collection. This book goes into detail about the ancient relics of Azeroth and is based off of the work of someone they call Alodi. She is transcribing a copy of a copy for my use.

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