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Pre – Operation Notes

The search in Silvermoon doesn’t seem to have come up with anything directly linking the disappearances to the Legion. Some mages, a depressed woman, a young ranger, and a local drunkard all seem to have left the city following some other elf I know nothing about to do something. But these aren’t disappearances, so I’m not about to dedicate too many resources to solving this. Invar Marris is good with investigations and I’m sure Ero- Arestra will report whatever she finds in the end. For now we have more pressing issues to deal with.


It was midmorning when the first sighting was reported. Nitris’ associates down in Gadgetzan sent word that the skies over Tanaris were darkening. Those I sent to investigate returned with horror stories of giant demons, massacres of goblins and other races, and flying vessels in the air. The Legion are officially here and starting with the periphery. They probably intend to worm their way in closer, conquering the rest of the continent as they work towards central and Northern Kalimdor.

After a request from Grommash Hold, I’ve dispatched forces throughout the Horde’s territory. Gorath’s Hammer has warriors in Azshara and our eastern garrison in Ashenvale; the Axe Lords are holding firm in the Northern Barrens and southern reaches of the Stonetalon Mountains, leaving the peak to the elves; the Thunderspear are flying over Mulgore and the Southern Barrens, keeping the skies secure, and are ready to head north at a moment’s notice. Our peons are divided where they’re needed, but as to now they have been working on fixing the defenses around the northern gates of Orgrimmar and those of Kargathia Keep in the old lumber camp. The latter will be serving as a temporary command center. It’s a sound position, with Ashenvale sharing borders with the Barrens, Stonetalon, and Durotar.

The night elves don’t like it, but they haven’t opened fire on us yet. That’s a good sign.


Reports of other attacks all over the map and now the skies darken over Azshara.

It’s time to rally the men.

Post – Operation Notes

Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix was present at the northern gates of Orgrimmar, rallying forces around him when our team arrived. The peons I’d sent over were brought into the capital to shore up defenses and my warriors were already distributed throughout the region to hold places like Bilgewater Harbor, the quarry and Valormok.

The team I led served more as a strike force, our own Garad’kra, and moved about the region launching tactical assaults. We shattered anchoring crystals, faced off against more pit lords than I thought I’d see in my life… and in the end we won the day. We drove back their attack, killed their commander and watched their vessel flee back into the nether as the portal – Nharos of the Illidari suggested it was linked to the commander – faltered and sputtered and died away.

Before we could settle down and catch our breath, our communicators sputtered with sound. Braktar, his people, and the Axe Lords were under heavy assault in the Northern Barrens. That damn ship had emerged there, opening fire on our central hub of trade in Kalimdor.

By the time we arrived, Varok Saurfang had taken charge of the defenses. We dispersed among the other Horde forces to secure the Crossroads and provide those who wished to flee the battle a path out of the city. They fled north to the watch tower, which the Legion must have expected… because they were already there, besieging the area. We pushed north after dealing with their initial strike commander and did what we could to secure the area. We then divided up and moved to secure different objectives: the oil fields, which were under attack by infernals and could eradicate a good part of the Northern Barrens if they set fire; Ratchet, to secure the port and deny the Legion the chance to take out Gazlowe’s Steamwheedle; and the Mor’shan Ramparts, where the Legion erected several strongholds.

Ratchet was safely secured, but the others took some heavy fire until the commander arrived on the scene of the battle. Demons flocked to the Crossroads once more and sought to wipe out our defenses there. If I had to hazard a guess, it’d be that they wanted Saurfang’s head. That would send the Horde into disarray.

But Varok Saurfang will not fall so easily.


Several more attacks have been reported. Our forces have been battered all throughout Kalimdor, Hillsbrad has supposedly endured several waves of Legion advances, and the Legion have even attempted to invade the dwarven capitals of Ironforge and Stormwind.

We’ve been kept on our toes and, I’ve got to say, the injuries are piling up. Since the Broken Shore, I’ve taken far more wounds than I think I did in all the early days of our Draenor campaign. This latest one, my leg, has slowed me down considerably even after Ralka and the Old Wolf’s healing spells.

If I just had a moment’s reprieve to actually rest and see these damn wounds heal….


It’s odd that I still haven’t heard back from Arestra. Not about the disappearances, not about any new intel from her contacts....

Not even about her latest obnoxious 'book review' about those filthy books she started collecting while in Draenor. Not about anything....

She’s fallen off the radar.


Krolbrim sends word from the Stonetalon Mountains. A grunt there, Thoruk Deathhowl, has requested aid at Sun Rock Retreat.

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