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Pre – Operation Notes

Green fire rained from the skies above Orgrimmar, above Azshara….

It was late at night but I sounded the call. As many in Gorath’s Hammer that could be reached were reached. They donned their armor and hoisted up their axes, swords, spears, and bows, and they followed me into Azshara. We have since waited for three days, investigating where the green blaze may have struck land. Nothing. No invasion has occurred yet.

Maybe we’re just dealing with some damn omen.


I’ve officially received word from the Horde brass. They want us out in the field on an official basis, gold flowing into our coffers and everything. I admit it’s hard to complain about that. They may not pay as well as the Kor’kron had, but so far we’ve done little to earn that kind of gold. So far we’ve done little but sit around encamped in southern Azshara, sending the odd patrols into Ashenvale and Durotar.

The troops have resumed their anti-demonic training under the eyes of our warlocks. Our newly promoted Stone Guard, Zelch, has been overseeing the details of the training routine. Hell, I almost miss Magrag right now. He was a bastard sometimes and I have wanted to drive a plated fist into his yellowed teeth, but he knew demons….


I’ve had Sarr keeping an ear out there for rumors of demonic activity. So far we’ve had no successes, but there was a report from the Crossroads frontier. Strange reports have come in that the spirits are writhing in agony there (probably those Wailing Caverns) and a rider just arrived from a settlement to the west. I’ve contacted Braktar and he’ll be leading a party there to investigate the rumors while I hold the fort up in Azshara awhile longer.

Post – Operation Notes

Braktar’s report was grim.

Thork confirmed the rumors and sent out team out to investigate the supposed attack. They arrived at the frontier outpost to find it a smoldering ruin. All of the buildings were irreparably damaged, some even burned to the ground, and all that remained standing was the central bunker. Bodies were being collected and brought into the bunker… and they said that even that fortification had been singed from what could only be an assailment of flame.

The orc they spoke to that guarded the bunker distrusted the team and didn’t let them inside, but he did permit them to search the outpost. Naturally, they found signs of battle. The bunker guard said it had been centaur who raided the camp… but there was evidence of infiltration. The wolves a rider would take out of the village were dead and from angles and with weapons that were unlikely done by centaur.

The reality of their situation was revealed when Tabaki and Krolbrim consulted the powers that they consult. One the spirits, one nature. Both found horrible deeds being done.

Souls were being fed into something and were being destroyed while nature was tainted by fel. All the disturbances came from the bunker so they confronted the orc there. He offered to ease their worries by letting one of the party inside. Zelch went in to a pretty obvious trap while that Forsaken, Swerto, told the guard he was going to burn down the bunker with his… frostwrym.

Zelch found out that there was a demon in there unlike any he’d seen channeling dark magics to erect a gateway. He used his imps and his felfire and blasted his way out. Swerto’s mount lived up to his threat and set the bunker afire in frost-flames.

The guard then shed his disguise and revealed himself to be a fel lord.

Or so they said.

I'm skeptical. It may have just been a damn big felguard. They may have struggled, but they did bring the beast down pretty quickly. A general of the Legion wouldn’t do so easily, unless they have a scheme like that satyr, Xalsin, did.

Well… that thought probably cost me hours of sleep….

Oskenon tried and failed to root the creature and settled on using his bear aspect to fight. Zelch bound the beast several times with his chains. Braktar and his cat, Invar, Swerto and Huuza all played their parts as well… Invar supposedly removed one of the demon’s eyes… but it was Krolbrim who blasted him into ash with what the reports called a beam of light. Krolbrim and Dusthorn called it ‘starfire’ so I suppose it’s a druid spell I just happen to not know by a written description... sounds like moonfire.

As he burned, cursing them and pledging that the Legion would return despite our best efforts… Swerto removed his head. He may sound like a loose cannon sometimes, but I would’ve done the same there.


Another rumor’s in. Interestingly, it’s from contacts in Quel’thalas this time. A few people have vanished and Ero--- Arestra has her suspicions it can be related to these recent Legion happenings. I’ve sent word to the Scythe since they are closer to Silvermoon. Maybe they’ll find something of interest out there.

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