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Pre – Operation Notes

It’s been many long weeks since the Warforged Pact broke apart and its warriors returned to their lives. The Legion defeated in Draenor, Archimonde slain, supposedly for good this time, and peace has returned. The Horde and Alliance even seem forgiving about that foolhardy island off the coast of Tanaan that they were fighting over.

Things are calm now and everyone who has returned has settled into their old routines once again as best they can. Those who fell received honors in the eyes of their ancestors and now have passed on into memory. It is a strange thing knowing that my Second has fallen in battle against that lowly goblin in Arakk….

On a positive note, Gak’ara ran things well in my absence and that Kungaloosh distillery we left behind has continued to make coin for our coffers even when contracts proved sparse. Even lacking as work was those long months, the mercenaries that lingered behind found battles to wage nonetheless. Things remain quiet even now. There has been some ruckus in the north we’ve been contracted to deal with, as well as a few requests I still have to read through… but nothing remarkable so far.


As I have for the months since my premature return to Azeroth, I have worked at the forge. I have been crafting new weapons and armor for future soldiers of the Horde, trying to drown out thoughts of the past. But still they linger in the back of my mind. Writing of them like this won’t help, I’m sure, but the thought of the lash and that witch----- doing my duty for my people. Who knows when we’ll find ourselves contending with the Alliance again or possibly some other threat. My days have been spent smithing, training at the Hall of the Brave, once our headquarters during Hellscream’s regime, and spending time at Brawl’gar.

Ralka and the children spend their time with the Old Wolf. She continues to learn the ways of shamanism and has become damn good at wielding the power of the elements. It’s good, though I do worry for Fenrosh. In his advanced age, he’s losing some of his edge. Even with the spirit of wind and earth and fire at his back, he can barely swing an axe as well as he once had. I think he’s actually disappointed he did not die in Draenor, reconnected to his old clan and the Furies he once knew so well.


I was at the Broken Tusk today and ran into some of my mercenaries, as well as Invar Marris and that Forsaken they call Wormgut, who were apparently passing through Orgrimmar. We sat about and spoke of the past months and enjoyed a few drinks and both Huuza and Zelch asked about starting to take on new contracts. I guess it’s fortunate that earlier in the day I received a letter I thought was from one of those strange doomsayers that have taken to the streets since word of the Legion’s return in Draenor reached Orgrimmar. I read the author’s name right before I was about to tear the letter apart and toss it in the fire. The letter was from Cal’thaelen whatshisname, one of Talarien Sunvalor’s apprentices, and it spoke of readying ourselves to face off against the evils coming our way. The letter spoke of learning ancient secrets and using powerful weapons to challenge the Old Gods and the Legion… whoever comes after us first.

It’ll be a start.


Ironhorn's dispatched some men into the field to retrieve some lost pirate treasures. Strakk led the venture into a cove in the southern regions of Tanaan. Apparently he found the treasure and had his spy squirrels retrieve it. Braktar took a bag as well and delivered it right to me in Orgrimmar. I'm sure he took a few coins for himself.

Still waiting on Strakk and his squirrels though....


Sunvalor has somehow gotten a hold of my old reports to the Kor’kron. He was looking for information about an old contract. Three years ago, while on a job in the Felwood, Ironhorn led a party in pursuit of a magically created eye that was controlled by the warlock, Magrag. They followed this eye and eventually found themselves quarreling with a demon hunter’s long forgotten wraith. They narrowly escaped with their lives.

Ironhorn was also summoned to Silvermoon City and he’s spoken with the mage about the same events. Sunvalor wants something in the demon hunter’s possession and he wants a party to journey back to the broken city of Bashal’Aran to get it.

A scroll.

Post – Operation Notes

The mercenaries who ventured to Bashal’Aran followed Ironhorn and Sunvalor’s third apprentice to the whirlpool that conceals the ancient ruins of the elven city. The ruins were described as dark, kept alight only by a dim green light, and is filled with a thin lair of fog. Apparently the area was filled with specters, which left Zelch paranoid about some business. His report on the operation included a wish to speak to me about it.

They fought the demon hunter’s spectre again for a time as it swelled with power and entered a demonic form with wings and spikes and dark powers. Unlike before, they held the demon spirit at bay long enough for the elven apprentice to conjure a stable portal and get the party out of there with the scroll in hand. The fact that the hunter is still there is worrisome, but from what I understand, he may have collapsed the cave on himself.

That’s something.


Zelch and I had brief words about the situation. The presence of the dead in the ruined elven city has gotten him worried. He believes something is happening within the warlock cabals of Jaedenar, which have been gathering again. His normal contacts have gone silent.

He believes something is going to happen and possibly soon.

With all of this I’m beginning to feel as I did before the Shattering when the Twilight’s Hammer doomsayers filled the streets.


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