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*A letter that was addressed to Valtenath Sunvalor and was given to Grazzug… before it was sent Gak’ara Thunderspear back on Azeroth*

I fear I have bad news.

The men back in Hearthglen have been struggling these last few months. Ever since your Seeker allies barged into the ranks, slaughtered members of the Crusade and disappeared just as quickly as they came to us… the Alliance races within the Crusade itself have been eyeing us Horde races for any sign of treason. They call us spies and, even worse, the Brotherhood of Light actually supports the accusations. Very few of our people are allowed on Stratholme patrols and we’re very slowly being isolated.

We need to find a way back into the Crusade’s good graces. We need to show our devotion to the cause. And we need you and your allies to take part. Your allies in those Seekers and the Kalimdor Mercenaries have aided the Crusade before. I’m sure they will again.

The Crusade’s efforts to reclaim New Avalon have long been stilted by the abominations of the Noxious Glade and Havenshire… but now they are contending with something else. I’ve heard rumor that the reclamation has been halted by a monster. This monster, they claim, is the voracious Gluth of Naxxramas. A massive plague-beast.

It and an onslaught of ghouls have filled New Avalon. Go and slay them and claim the land for the Argent Crusade.

- Z.M.

P.S. There is a reward for your mercenary allies. The beast’s death with get you gold and may restore the Crusade’s favor to both our kind and yours.



A massive, heavily mutated undead dog (think Gluth) has taken up residence in the old Scarlet Enclave. The group is sent there to kill it and the ghouls that followed it there.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

Go to the town square and combat the ghouls (their number is determined by those in attendance plus two) and they all have two health. Afterwards the group looks around and then goes up to the barracks ruin, where the find the dog chewing on a frostwyrm bone. It has 14-16 health and fights primarily with melee blows and its teeth… but it becomes unstable at half health and gains the ability to breathe plague.

Once the beast is killed it is examined and is found to be wearing a collar. It turns out the dog, named Peaches, is actually a Forsaken-made abomination that was being tested for its ability to spread future Blights. The apothecary who created the abomination – Apothecary Herbert Westren – arrives shortly after the beast is killed and scolds the group. When he finds out the Argent Crusade was the one who dispatched the group, he tells you to claim the creature was made by the Scourge and that the Forsaken had nothing to do with it.

You then report back to Tyr’s Hand to the commander in the barracks. He thanks you for your assistance and asks if there was any evidence who created the beast. You can answer truthfully, which will result in him issuing for your reward to be sent in the coming days, or lie, which leads him to frown and say that his scouts reported otherwise. He claims an investigation will have be done into the zombie hound and that we shouldn’t expect a reward any time soon. The Apothecaries will send a reward instead.

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