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*Forwarded by Talarien Sunvalor with the message 'You can handle this'*


Those darling Reliquary agents you have watching the Explorer’s League have actually sent word. It seems the dwarves at the Ironband Excavation Site down in Loch Modan have actually discovered something of importance!

The relic is described as a golden totem. A tauren totem.

I do not know what its supposed to mean in terms of titanic lore, but I do know this something the Alliance should not have their hands on. I hope you have contacts that can steal away this relic subtly.

- Leryssa



It seems the Explorer’s League has made quite a finding. Obviously it must be stolen.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

The party will search the Ironband Excavation and will find nothing. In one of the dwarven camps, however, they will find a ledger that states the finding was taken to a cave in the southeast. The party goes in, kills the mechanized security forces and finds a small golden tauren totem and a damaged effigy of a tauren in strange titanic garb.

Optional boss: The shutdown machine over the pond, which sits behind the golden statuettes, comes to life and attacks. 14hp with melee and electric attacks.

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