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Commander Grazzug,
As per your request here’s my report from our ley line expedition. The Forsaken Kabin performed well enough as an escort, but it feels more appropriate to acknowledge the company of Executor Hedva. She’s one mean bosslady, bossman! The one they call Legren is important as well, more on him later.

Now, as I was trying to tell you the other day, ley lines would in theory have to crisscross Draenor in a similar way to Azeroth. It would make sense for us to tap into that power in the same manner as we did back home and work out the planetary diffusion between the plane of existence and the temporal one, allowing us to not only communicate back home, but it opens up the possibility of passing reinforcements through using the arcane translocation spells!

Anyway, the point is I found one of the ley lines passes right past Grazzug’kar! It travels east-west from the far side of the lava pool. Legren seems to think that we won’t find a convergence point in Frostfire, and he might even be right, who knows? But we gotta check boss. If there is one, we need to make sure it’s ours, and not the Iron Horde. Or others. We travelled west to follow the ley line. Did you know there’s still ogres in that tower by the coast? The guards were vocal in their desire to kill them all. Hedva gave the order and battle was joined.
Those maniacs actually did it! I was sure that the ones in the tower were going to get butchered or thrown from the top! I was all ready to bring the tower crashing down before Kabin threatened me! Threatened me! Told me I wasn’t worth more to you than four soldiers! That hurt boss, I gotta say. But they cleared the tower and sent word back for it to be occupied. Hope you got that message.

We carried on north to a crossroads. I sensed something….’off’ to the west, but Legren and Kezrek tell me it was a temporal anomaly that has already been taken care of. Far be it for me to second guess a couple of warlocks, right?

The ley lines led us to a convergence point below the Blade’s Edge Mountain. It looked like an old ritual site. Only a couple of lines, Legren estimated no more than three and I’d agree (But don’t tell him that!) It’s enough for what we need, a starting point. I can’t explain why it’s enough, but Kezrek made it pretty clear for the mundane soldiers. Ley lines are like rivers of magic. Some are a stream, others are a raging torrent. Who’d have thought warlocks knew so much about magic? I always thought they were just puppets for the demons they beg their magic from!

I had to get Legren’s help to focus the convergence. We almost had it too, then the chump messed up everything! He couldn’t fulfil simple instructions and the distraction he caused almost killed us all! All he had to do was lend me his magic and stop me thrashing about from trying to control two bodies worth of magic! Instead he thought I was trying to get a free shoulder massage and almost burned my robes! For his hubris I recommend he be put on cartography duty. He wasn’t even that good as massage!

A rift was opened up (Thanks to HIS negligence!) and we were swarmed by elementals. Some arcane, some frosty. The guards did their duty and kept me alive, and sadly failed to get Legren killed (can Forsaken die again?) while the chump and I tried to keep the rift from overrunning us with angry elementals. The other warlocks with us were throwing around a lot of magic, I gotta admit it was pretty impressive even with my back turned. Right up until some idiot threw an imp into the rift. That destabilised the whole operation, causing Legren and I to reach the common agreement of calling for a retreat. Can’t say it was orderly, the guards didn’t even wait for me to get ahead of them before they began to fall back! One of them picked me up and ran!

But being the genius that I am, we managed to keep track of the ley line all the way north, almost to its termination point. This is where things went wrong. Boss, I gotta tell ya, I’m happy to devote a lot to power. But to the north, I hereby officially recommend any further expeditions to the north be led by yourself with the entire mercenary army under your command, the Frostwolf Clan and ideally the entire Horde and Alliance militaries at your back. Because we found the Shadow Council.

The others don’t seem to recognise the threat boss, even after I calmly spelt out every atrocity the Council has been responsible for. The Executor Hedva and Kabin were the only Forsaken talking sense. Legren and the other warlocks were almost beside themselves with glee at the idea they could steal the Shadow Council’s power! I thought we were all going to die, but Hedva gave the order to return to Grazzug’kar.

I’m glad she did boss. I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am the warlocks didn’t seem to feel it, or maybe they did and everything they said was just bravado. But I can tell you what I sensed boss, and it scares me down to the very core of my soul.

Gul’dan was in that camp. Whatever power he was thought to have in our timeline is nothing compared to what he commands on this planet. We’re on his home turf now boss, I hope you’ve got something planned to deal with him before he’s ready.

Guild Dad
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