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The letter appears to be hastily written and slightly moist with grease stains in several spots.

To the Mean Green leader of the KMG, I seek to join your Mercs as you operate here on Draenor. You might've heard about me from your underlings as I have worked with several of them before. I even spoke of you myself when working along side them as I have had an interest in your KMG for some time now.

I seek to join you now as I barely made it out of the battle for the Dark Portal alive when I went through with the vanguard to shut it down from the side on Draenor. These big battles are just too much for one goblin to handle without someone watching his back that won't just get slaughtered like crabs at the Trade Prince's beach BBQs.

I will attempt to seek you out as I explore, and of course profit from, this savage, feral new-but-old land that your own people once called home so long ago.

Regards, Hazk Jinglepockets
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