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Born to parents Pao Frostbrew and Mei Windpaw in Morning Breeze village, for Rinshu the world's borders seemed to end at the edges of Shen-zin Su's shell. Life consisted of farming, keeping an eye on nearby hozen, and avoiding the wrath of Momma's cooking spoon. Though a very loving mother, Momma Windpaw was not one for laziness or foolishness. It was said that her very glare could send an entire village of hozen fleeing in terror, and woe to those who fell victim to her cooking spoon upside their head.
Needless to say Poppa Frostbrew was often not without his fair share of bumps and bruises after an afternoon of dice and drinks instead of tending the family farm.
At a young age the lifestyle of the monk caught Rinshu's interest. Sent to study at Master Shang Xi's academy it was soon evident that the cub's skill layed not with the teachings of the White Tiger's strength nor those of the Jade Serpent and Red Crane's wisdom and healing, but instead with the Black Ox's fortitude.
Further proof of this bloomed to reality when, upon being caught for sneaking into the master's private coffers and stealing a small keg of ale by the academy's elder trainers, they discovered only an empty keg and a rather difficult to catch teenage Rinshu whom seemed even slicker to grab with brew in his system. With the master's approval, Rinshu was also allowed to learn the ways of the brew from Ki-Han Brewery as well as cooking from his mother when he was able to visit her and Poppa.
But days filled with training and brew snatching would not last long, as beyond his new-found home in the academy, a massive airship had crashed into the Great Turtle's shell. This sudden disturbance in their daily lives sent a shock into the pandaren of the Wandering Isle, who had become content with their isolation from the outside world despite their ancestors having left for adventure on the very same turtle they lived upon.
Determined to protect Shen-zin Su and the people upon his back, Rinshu left with the other Huojin and Tushui monks. It was here that they discovered the Alliance and Horde as well as the horrible damage done to Shen-zin Su. While the Tushui aided the Alliance, the Huojin aided the Horde in the recovery effort to mend the great turtle's wound, Rinshu would lend his paws to both sides, but when the time came for the wreckage's removal, he chose to side with the Huojin's swift action rather than be complacent like the Tushui.
The removal of the wreckage was successful, but at a cost. The wound was now open and bare, causing the bleeding to increase but also to allow healing to begin. Rinshu, though he still stood by his choice to side with the Huojin's plan, felt guilt and understood why the Tushui wished to come up with a better plan.
After the battle with the strange monsters subsided and Shen-zin Su's wound closed, the time came for the Horde and Alliance to return to their homes, despite the Alliance's disapproval of allowing their once-prisoners go free, and along with them went some of the Tushui and Huojin pandaren. Though he felt changed by the recent events and pulled to the side of Tushui, he refused to side with the Alliance and left with Ji Firepaw along with the other Huojin to the Horde.
As he explored the great city of Orgrimmar and it's vast bustling buildings of stone, wood, and metal, he found himself meeting the very Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream. He and the other Huojin were tested in the arena to see if they were fit to join the Horde. After Garrosh's test, he was disheartened to learn that any of the pandaren who chose to side with the Alliance were to now be considered his mortal foes. Though his heart arced for the friends he had lost that went with the Tushui, he agreed and left Orgrimmar to roam the lands and improve his skills both as a monk but also as a brewer.
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