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(Occurs a few days before the The Lohn’Kosh: Mak’Rogahn)

The troll huntress sat in the botanical gardens of Hardwrench Hideway. Her growing tolerance of goblins and their facilities had disturbing implications; suicidal tendencies and being agreeable were just a few. To be fair, Aliyah was strangely tolerate all around, to the point her kin occasionally scowled her for it. Still, there were more in the Horde then just Darkspear, and to neglect that would spit on the deaths brought on by the civil war.

Her face always twisted when she thought back on that mess. This time would not be an exception.
Residual anger and doubts brought on by the incident tried to rouse aggression in her, but neither got any headway these days.

Aliyah snatched up the flask sitting on the table in front of her. Opening it and drinking it contents caused a burn of a more pleasant sort. The troll's brooding was quickly cast aside by the power of rum! The whole coming to terms with emotional turmoil was besides the point.

The peace time caught Aliyah off guard in many strange ways. Her attention was constantly drawn inward recently, not to mention she just randomly realized her mostly solitary existence had come back to bite her. She even considered going to see that silly tournament Talgar spoke of. The abnormal impulses had to be tended to, the beastmaster didn't want to trouble her companions if it could be avoid.

Kivuli felt the distress more than most and had his own problems on top of that. He was the reason Aliyah was out here. The poor tiger had been sent out into the nearby wilds for a time did Zionel phrase it? 'Get some fresh air?' Said air likely took the form of lounging baths and tigresses, but yeah. The beast's vacation would take a few days and he was keen on returning. At the very least, Aliyah could bring herself to wait for him.

The huntress took yet another swig of her drink. Perhaps not being under constant threat of death would be good, at least for a little while. Remember her reasons for fighting and all of that. Besides, Azeroth had an attraction to wide-threatening crises. Odds are the next sign of trouble would come looking for her.
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