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(No idea what brought this on. Enjoy!)

Aliyah stepped unto the familiar porch on the outskirts of the Echo Isles. The troll had admittedly not been here for ages and this visit was long overdue. She bade her tiger to wait on the platform they stood on, although to be fair, Kivuli should have waited at the stables. Too bad Aliyah was emitting too much nervous energy for the cat to take such an order.

It took the troll a moment to realized she had been stalling again. Yes, the young lady stood there twiddling what few fingers she had. Aliyah sighed. Soon enough, something would have to give. With that in mind, the huntress called out, "Hey, Ma! Ya in dere?!"

"Aliyah?" the reply couldn't have sounded more bewildered. It didn't last last long. Soon a heated string of Zandali followed,"ALIYAH! You will NOT barge in here while yelling in that PIG TONGUE!"

The huntress straighten up a bit, while Kivuli barely batted an ear. Yeah, the reaction was expected. A little appeasment might help, so Aliyah addressed the angry kin in her native tongue this time, "Did I do something that displeased you?"

An older troll ran out to the threshold, pretty much barring all entry. Unlike Aliyah, who was still wearing her chainmail, this troll wore simple robes. Between the grim look on her face and the fact she wasn't ancient, the elder did a fair job in appearing intimidating. "You mean besides not letting me know you were alive up until now?! Not to mention the last time the last person to make such an entrance was an orc stomping about like he owned the place?!" If the parent could spit flames, she'd certainly be doing that now.

Aliyah averted her gaze for a long moment. Of course that was it. Her journey to Pandaria had dragged on far longer then she originally intended. That and the mess that resulted in the capital being sieged...She gave her mother a pleading look and said, "I was a fugitive for a while and didn't get news of the rebellion until it was well u-" The sudden hug had caught her off guard.

While still holding the embrace, the matron mumbled,"I guess it doesn't matter. After hearing that our chieftain got killed, you couldn't return soon enough for my liking."

The hunter resisted a sudden, fidgety bout. She hadn't been coddled since she was a wee little troll! A bit embarrassing, in all honesty. Perhaps the elder sensed the spell, as she soon released her daughter. "Aliyah, you are actually going to spend some time off," and the demands start pouring in! "And I don't care what I'll have to break to make it happen."

Aliyah straighten up yet again. Ah, the benefits of being a healer weren't lost lost on the old lady. Her visit might drag on for a while.
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