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Grazzug sat at his desk in his home. It was just passed dusk and the firelight of a torch was all that lit the room.

He sat and reviewed reports from recent events and he couldn’t help but notice that things were pretty chaotic of late. Fighting the avatars of primal gods; fending off elite armies of deathspeaking humans and demon-worshipping orcs; getting in trouble with the Steamwheedles and even tracking down and killing those who were their allies less than a year prior.

Many of his mercenaries were traversing the whole of Azeroth and beyond to carry out contracts of all manner. He wondered if the burden was becoming too great…

Ralka brushed the tarp that acted as a door to the bedchamber aside and entered the room. “Braktar just arrived and he’s asking for you. Should I tell him it’s late and send him away?”

Grazzug put his quill into the ink pot and stretched. “No, no. I’ll speak to him..”

Ralka gave him an annoyed look and stepped back into the main hall. Grazzug stood from his chair and picked his breastplate out from an armor rack. He set the armor straps and then donned his tabard and cowl. The orc was weary and it was late, but he was not about to turn the troll away. Not only would such action show possible weakness, the ‘Shadow Hunters’ were Vol’jin’s eyes and ears now. They were the ‘elite’ of the new order. Grazzug knew he lucky that it was Braktar who was taking orders….

He crossed the room and, after taking a moment to compose himself, entered the hall. The troll was there, seated at the table, watching Grazzug through his ornate Rush’kah mask. “Bossmon.”

Grazzzug took the seat opposite the troll. “Are you here to deliver your report regarding your time in Pandaria, shadow hunter? Or are you just visiting?”

The troll remained impassive. “I’ll see ya report to ya by tomorrow. De Golden Fleet been circlin’ and sent several ships down to da coast again. Dey be causin’ problems.”

Ralka entered the room and placed a tankard before her mate. Grazzug whispered a thanks to her. She placed her hand on his shoulder, gave Braktar a curt nod and promptly returned to the backroom. Grazzug took a drink, “I’ll see to it the matter of the Zandalari is handled. Now… why are you here if not for your report?”

The troll leaned forward, entwining his hands and resting his gangly arms on the table’s surface. “I got a proposition for ya, bossmon.”

Grazzug nodded. “You have my ear.”

Braktar grinned. “Good. De mercenaries been doin’ lots lately and been honing deir skills. I was tinking we put together a little tournament. A trial o’ strength. If enough sign up dey can do it in duos. Get de mercenaries together and have ‘em fight one anudda.”

Grazzug mulled it over. “You propose duels of will. Mak’Rogahn… but for what cause?”

The troll’s excitement betrayed his previously cool exterior. “Glory to da warchief. Ya hold de tournament and ya show just what de mercenaries be made of… and ya do so proclaiming glory to de Vol’jin.”

Grazzug took another drink. “The idea has merit.”

Braktar nodded frantically, “And if it pleases ya, invite dose deaders of da Scythe and da elves of da Seekers! Let dem prove deir mettle ‘gainst ya own!”

Grazzug leaned back in his chair. The idea had more than simple merit. It was perfect. A local and orderly competition fought by his forces through all divisions of the mercenaries and even their allies. A friendly competition.

The orc commander grinned to himself, “The Lohn’Kosh…”
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A thanks to Azgrimm for the basic skeleton of the post

The Lohn’Kosh will be a friendly tournament fought amongst the KMG and their allies, The Scythe of Sylvanas and Sunfire Seekers, if they choose to attend. KMG members and those with KMG alts are encouraged to bring their KMG characters. The tournament will be held on the Echo Isles, where combatants will face off in bloody and violent and maybe even epic duels.

An arrangement was made with the Keepers of Time to utilize special enchantments that will undo all critical or death-inducing injuries after each bout, which will allow for the combatants to carry out whatever bloody tactic they wish without lasting consequences.


The system used for these battles will be a slightly modified variation of our current roll battle system.

Almost all rolls will be conducted via “/roll 10” rolls.


Battles will begin by rolling for initiative (ala who goes first in the combat order). Combatants will do a /roll 10 for initiative. If any roll the same number they will roll again to see who between them will go first. This order does not change over the course of that battle.

For example:

Azgrimm rolls 1. Grazzug rolls 4. Huuza rolls 4. Ginzi rolls 8.

Grazzug and Huuza would reroll. Grazzug rolls a 10, Huuza rolls 5.

This puts Grazzug ahead of Huuza and the order becomes:



The actual attack process is usually done in one of two ways. The first way is beginning the attack by emoting the initiation of your strike and then rolling to see the results of your strike. The second way is to roll first and then, based off of that roll, emote your attack.

In battle the players will once more use the /roll 10 to determine the success of their attacks.

The system works as thus:

If you roll anything from 1 to 3, you have missed.

Whatever just happened, it wasn’t what you wanted. You do no damage.

If you roll anything from 4 to 7 you have landed a hit!

Your action is a success and you have dealt one point of damage

If you roll anything from 8 to 10 you have landed a critical hit.

The attack hits with excessive force and was likely epic in the process. You’ve dealt two points of damage.

Every combatant (some special exceptions are out there) has 5 hit points. Once you’ve taken 5 damage, you are knocked unconscious.

ADDITION(S): Defensive Rolls

If we do make this tournament a duo battle system this second rule may be added. If one member of the duo team is attacked, his/her partner can intervene at the cost of his next attack.

The system works as thus:

If you roll anything from 1 to 3, you have failed and your ally takes the wound.

If you roll anything from 4 to 7 you have successfully intervened… but take the hit yourself.

If you roll anything from 8 to 10 you have intervened and completely canceled out the coming attack. As a bonus, the defending character gets to riposte the attack. He scores one damage against the initial attacker.

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Lohn’Kosh tournament Summary

The first Lohn’Kosh tournament was a success!

The Echo Isles were bustling with orcs, trolls, tauren, goblins and even blood elves and Forsaken who came to see the festivities. Goblin concession stands dotted the area and hobgoblins and mercenary guards alike joined the Darkspear defenders to prevent any rowdy behavior from getting out of hand.

Banners had been hung from the high bridges and ramparts throughout the isles. Some banners featured the crossbow that has long marked the KMG’s banner. Other banners flew the axes of the Axe Lords, the Bladefist of the Bladefist, the hammer of Gorath’s Hammer, the spear with a streak of lightning crossing it which marks the Thunderspears! Even the peon-like features that mark the Company of Peons banners were represented….

Hanging above those were the banners of the Horde and of the Darkspear!

The crowds met at the center of the Echo Isles’ most prominent island, where Grazzug opened the festivities.

He began his speech by discussing the new world order, where there are questions of the Horde’s place in the world. He spoke united front and of the Horde’s strength resurfacing and he concluded by proclaiming the name of the Darkspear warchief and the honors the KMG, the Sunfire Seekers and the Scythe of Sylvanas would provide him.

Then Braktar came forward to explain the nature of the tournament. All combatant teams would turn their blades upon their opponents and were not to hold back. Braktar announced, much to the audience’s surprise, that these were fights to the death. And not only deaths… but brutal, violent and – most importantly – epic deaths.

A quel’dorei, who up to this point was an enigma, was then brought forward and proclaimed to be Chronodormu of the bronze dragonflight. He was present to undo the severity of wounds and to undo the battles once they had finished. No deaths, no maimings, no crippling blows would persist after the battles.

This detail was definitely taken to heart.

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Bladefist Opening Round

The first round amongst the Bladefist division of the tournament started things off with a bang. Four arenas throughout the central isle filled with combatant who were ready to engage in battle.

The central and, arguably, most crowded venues were taken by two battles. The first featured the orc warrior, Wrokk Softskin, and the blood elf monk, Anuarii… who faced the Forsaken warrior, Dirge, and the goblin warlock, Zelch Wheelgreaser. The battle was vicious and ended with blood staining the sands as both Zelch and Dirge were cut down by Wrokk’s furious blows. Zelch had his head cut clean off by Wrokk's axes and the resilient Dirge's downfall was made possible by Anuarii’s speed, skill and strength... as he held her in place to have her skull cleaved in two by Wrokk's axes.

The second central arena featured an engeagement between the troll duo of the shaman and axe thrower, Huuza, and the death knight, Ginzi Plaguetusk… against the dual blood elven group of the ranger, Velindeyn Shadestrider, and the rogue, Arestra Shadowsear (who was a last second trade off from the Gorath’s Hammer division). While the trolls did savage the blood elves, rendering them beaten, battered and bloodied and nearly severing one’s arm… it was the elves who took the day. Arestra Shadowsear managed to slash the axe thrower’s throat and use a straying arrow fired by Velindeyn to impale Ginzi through his only eye.

The third battle was between the teams of the tauren warrior and KMG Marauder, Bauron Ironhorn, and his partner, the blood elf magus, Denfehlath Zephyrwise… against the elderly troll druid, Yanzal, and his partner (who Grazzug was later informed was not a Seeker at all), Zeilan Bloodwhisper. The injuries suffered in this bout were possibly the most brutal thanks to Yanzal's savagery and Zeilan's dirty fighting. Yanzal, taking on his animal aspect, used his claws to rake through Bauron’s armor, his flesh and even his bone… before claiming the tauren’s heart. Considering how Zeilan cut into the tauren's groin earlier, Bauron likely thanked his ancestors upon his death. The magus was barely more fortunate. Her wrist was broken and her face was carved beyond recognition. She was likely also thankful when her life ended.

The fourth engagement was between the tauren sunwalker, Orum Dusthorn, and his partner, the troll headhunter and aspiring shadow hunter, Luo’kiki… who faced the orcish wind rider and KMG Marauder, Gak’ara Thunderspear, and the goblin mage, Portals. Though the goblin was initially reluctant, muttering about how exhausting conjuring portals were and how he lacked a ‘license’ for unsanctioned portals, he eventually embraced the battle and used them freely. Through clever magical manipulation and a use of a portal, which he closed at a precise moment… Luo’kiki was cut in two. Gak’ara Thunderspear, on the other hand, nearly lost in battle against the Sunwalker until he landed a fatal blow upon the tauren’s leg. Before the tauren could retaliate, Portals conjured a rain charm above him and Gak’ara called on the spirits to add lightning to his spear… which he then used to utterly destroy Orum.

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Bladefist Second Round

Chronodormu did as he was bid and flew over the whole of the Echo Isles, enacting a spell that saw the dead back to life and the wounded back to prime condition. Soon the victors were ready for their second round. Anuarii and Wrokk entered the combat arena against Gak’ara and Portals while Arestra and Velindeyn entered their arena against Yanzal and Zeilan.

In the first battle, Anuarii and Wrokk (especially Wrokk, Lok’tar) but up a strong front against the marauder and mage… but it did not last. Anuarii was impaled through the chest attempting to save Wrokk from a Gak’ara’s spear. The elf’s gamble failed and he was met with death. The orc held his ground for some time longer, but the loss of his partner marked his end as well. Using special portal manipulations, Portals entered Gak’ara into what he called a state of ‘terminal velocity’ where the orc would fall through one portal and into another, placing him into the trajectory of the first once more. The orc picked up speed rapidly until he was little more than a blur… before he was shifted to another position just above Wrokk. When the Thunderspear touched the ground – having gone through the orcish warrior – it caused an explosion akin to a thunderclap, which damaged the arena and caused a shockwave that sent the closer members of the crowd flying.

The second battle was more grounded and much quicker… but no less violent. Arestra, through clever use of feints and dirty tactics, ended Zeilan with her blade to the back of his neck. Without his partner, Yanzal was forced to face off against two Sin’dorei. He put up a fight, wounding Velindeyn, but in the end met his demise to an explosive trap the elven ranger utilized.
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Bladefist Third Round

Once more Chronodormu mended the wounds and effectively undid the deaths of the combatants. The final two teams of the division were then brought before Darkspear Hold to battle.

Gak’ara Thunderspear and Portals met Arestra Shadowsear and Velindeyn Shadestrider in battle. Gak’ara began a relentless assault on the rogue while the ranger and magus exchanged projectile strikes, but Portals, fearing for his security, guaranteed that Velindeyn become the sole target of the battle by effectively teleporting Arestra from the scene of the battle. It was then that Velindeyn was met with a relentless assault on two fronts.

Portals’ previous successes caused his hubris to grow. He had taken to using rhymes with each of his incantations and used spells of increasingly lethal effect. His hubris caused him to completely forget about Arestra, who surged through the crowd and used the shadow to ‘shadowstep’ behind the goblin, where she broke his neck.

Gak’ara was momentarily stunned by the loss of his partner and then once again when he was attacked by Velindeyn’s quilen pet, Phyrex. Beaten but not yet defeated, the orc pulled away from the beast and slew by running it through the jaws… and turned his attention to Velindeyn. Calling on the spirits to bless his spear with the power of lightning, he ended Velindeyn. In doing this he left himself exposed to a fatal blow from Arestra.

While Gak’ara then took the dagger and ran the rogue through with it, she had already scored the fatal blow.

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Bladefist Final Round

Chronodormu used his power once more to restore the fallen. At this point Grazzug declared the winning team to be Arestra Shadowsear and Velindeyn Shadestrider. But, he added, there was still a final match to be fought. The two victors were cast against one another in a final battle for the Bladefist Golden Rush’kah.

Velindeyn and Arestra took their positions and Grazzug sounded the horn once again. Within moments the rogue had left a raking cut across the ranger’s back. Velindeyn’s offensive faltered as the rogue then stabbed her in the back.

In the end Arestra had called on the shadow. Darkness enveloped her weapons and she called on it once more to enact a killing spree upon the ranger. Dual cuts were made eleven times into the elf, leaving her – as one commentator positioned by a ‘Nitris Catering Services’ tent had said – like sliced Alterac Swiss.
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In the end...

After Chronodormu used his arcane sands one last time to restore Velindeyn, Arestra was presented the Bladefist Golden Rush’kah by the shadow hunter Braktar and was given honors for her success. Grazzug then proclaimed that the Bladefist was finished and that although Arestra claimed victory… all who remained should feast and drink and be enjoy the festivities! Champions of the Horde had come together and showed just how formidable the Horde was even in these uncertain times.

While the festivities and other fighting brackets carried on for the rest of the night and even into the morning, some of the combatants left to get some sleep. The entire Seekers contingent, all of whom seemed tense during the final speeches, left the Isles immediately after the tournament. Some did not even bother to stay for the listing of sponsors.
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Now For A Word From Our Sponsors!

((I received a whisper or two last night regarding the advertisements I blared throughout the evening's events. Some are based in text from actual quests, others from videos... and others I just made up and thought were funny or connectable to the event.

((Here they are!))

A troll steps up to the advertising podium and holds up a goblin megaphone, “I know I be enjoyin’ dese games, but if I weren’t ‘ere I’d be at de Wyverns Tail! It’s de finest drinkin’ hole in all of Orgrimmar! Gravy be a good server and deir drinks are de best dis side of Mount Hyjal!”


An orc steps up to the ad podium. “Do you grow tired of the smell o—really, Gryshka? *sigh* Do you grow tired of the smell of troll? Do you want to go drinking with Gamon, the Hero of Orgrimmar!? Then come to The Broken Tusk in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Strength!”


An arcane image floats up to the ad podium, “Do you desire entertainment for young and old alike? Do you require transportation across Azeroth, whether through traversing ley lines or riding a quick moving rocket? Then look no further.

"Portals' Portals, Parlor Tricks and Transit Services is the business for you. Portals' Portals, Parlor Tricks and Transit Services is a subsidiary of Kezz & Co. Industrial"


A troll sneaks up to the ad podium, “Would you really drink brew from an orc or an ogre!? For a better choice check out T'chali's Voodoo Brewery at Brewfest!”


An orc approaches the ad podium, " If you think an orc can hit hard, check out their brew! It hits even harder! See for yourself at the Drohn's Distillery tent at Brewfest!”


A blood elf steps up to the ad podium, “You fought together against impossible odds. You are bound at the soul. Show her how epic she really is... Silvermoon Jewelry: Durability wanes and weapons dent, but sockets are forever.”


A night elf runs up to the ad podium, “SISTERS AND BROTHERS! WE OF THE ALLIANCE AND HORDE MUST UNITE AGAINST THE THREAT THAT IS THE FUR TRADE! EVERY YEAR HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT ANIMA—“ She is pelted with arrows and falls off the podium, grasping at her wounds.

A KMG grunt walks up to her, shaking his head. “Damn, D.E.H.T.A.” He growls as he grabs her by the leg and drags her away.


A forsaken steps up the podium, running her hand along the blood of the now-gone elf as she makes her way up the steps. “The Royal Apothecary Society has worked diligently for nearly a decade to bring great change to this precious world in which we live.

“Our work in Northern Lordaeron is only the beginning, but now we require volunteers to assist us with our special cosmetic and environmental projects. Sign up today by meeting myself or my fellow apothecary, Valrand Blightwhisper.”


At the conclusion of the festivities, a goblin steps up. Loudly she proclaims, “This tournament has been brought to you by Kezz & Co. Industrial! Refreshments were donated by Stranglethorn Imported Fruits and Spirits and The Chophouse... Orgrimmar's premier locations for orctastic food!

“And let's not forget to thank the hard working cooks from Borstan's Firepit who gave their time to prepare the amazing food provided here today! …and last and least, let’s thank the dutiful servers of ‘Nitris Catering Services: A Subsidiary of Kezz & Co. Industrial!‘”
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