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I have received word from the Steamwheedle Cartel’s Baron Revilgaz as to a bounty that was placed on members of the Bladefist. In the letter he provides the names of those involved in the operations passed down to Strakk Crashgear. In retrieving gold for “Sea Wolf” MacKinley, these groups apparently made their way to Janiero’s Point and stole gold hidden within the broken statue.

I’ve spoken to Nitris siblings regarding the operation and they say you are not entirely to blame. It would seem that Landro Longshot and MacKinley have recently been acting as unofficial business partners. The fact his debt was labeled ‘undefined’ allowed Longshot to direct your attention to the Janiero statue and the gold within… which he has supposedly split with your debtor.

Because you lot were not complete fools, you have been given an opportunity. Revilgaz recognizes (even if he won’t admit it aloud) that you were conned and he has offered us an exclusive contract. If you complete this, you get back in the Cartel’s good graces.

*The letter sticks into the command board just under the above parchment, driven in by an orcish dagger*

Grazzug of the Kalimdor Mercenaries,

You sent your boys into my town. They took my hospitality and my business and yet, for all my kindnesses, they still betrayed my trust. They broke the second rule of Booty Bay: Keep your nose clean.

They went to Janiero’s Point and they reached into my statue and they took – MY – gold. Eight hundred and seventy-two gold (in gold and silver). More than some average sailors make in their whole lives and your boys took it from my holdings.

I’ve placed a bounty on each and every one of your mercenaries that has been within a hundred yards of Booty Bay. Fifty gold per.

But you and I are not just leaders. We’re businessmen and there’s opportunity here for the brave! One that will save your men. They proved their mettle against Mor’dul after all!

During the Cataclysm a lovely tauren, Princess Poobah, escaped the captivity of the vile scum they call Zanzil. She escaped to Jaguero’s Island, where she was taken prisoner again. This time her captor was not an alchemy obsessed troll, but the famed Skymane King… Mukla.

She was rescued before, but her rescuers said something to her that caused her to flee back into the wilds of Jaguero. Mukla’s still licking his wounds so to say but another, more aggressive ape has shown his face. He’s a battered and scarred they called Koba Kong. He must’ve eaten something strange recently because he’s grown to be nearly Mukla’s size! Adventurers now call him Klobber Khan.

Deal with Khan and rescue Poobah from his captivity and the bounties go away!

- Revilgaz

P.S. Do not ask her about her station as a princess.



KMG agents recently made the mistake of being conned by Landro Longshot and “Sea Wolf” MacKinley. On an operation to collect gold for “Sea Wolf” they robbed the coffers of Baron Revilgaz, the leader of Booty Bay.

Now they have to rescue Princess Poobah from the clutches of the great ape Klobber Khan.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

Pretty simple fight. Big ape. Maybe able to swing from treetops and maybe – just maybe – will throw the odd barrel at the mercenaries. 12-15 health.

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