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Rabine Saturna of the Cenarion Circle, on behalf of one ‘Captain Irontree,’ has called on us for aid. It seems the efforts of Sashi’zon in the region of Mount Hyjal has given the Cenarion Circle some faith in our abilities.

Coincidently there’s also need of our blades.

The Ruins of Constellas have been taken over by demonic filth. Their leader is supposedly a wraith that looks like a satyr but is reportedly made of shadow and flame. This spectre has corrupted the Constellas moonwell and erected a wall of fire that the elves have thus far been unable to banish.

This is where we come in.

P.S: Think of it as helping the tauren or trolls within the Circle. It’s easier that way.



The KMG has been hired to go to depths of Felwood. There, in the Ruins of Constellas, the team is to aid the Cenarion Circle’s forces against the demonic incursion force there and work their way up to the fire wall erected by the mystery leader of the Legion forces. The mercenaries need to find a way to put down the wall (Consult your casters!) and then need to confront the demons’ leader.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

The final boss will be a bit unconventional. He is a partially incorporeal satyr made of shadows and flame. He will fight with warlock-based abilities, relying primarily on shadowflame based attacks. The boss is Dalfos Darkseed, who, thanks to his demonic nature, was not completely killed by the mercenaries in Feralas… despite being impaled and decapitated. He crawled back through the nether to continue his efforts to herald a Legion invasion… but lacks the power to retain a physical body. All melee attacks against him will have a -1 to their roll to reflect his partially incorporeal nature.

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