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Word has reached us that impossibly rare and valuable texts were found in Duskwood. They’re the writings of one of the Old Horde’s most powerful necrolytes. Problem is the scrolls were found by looters and have already passed through the goblin’s blackmarket to a human they call “Sea Wolf.”

I have already reached out to the human and he’s agreed to see to it we get the scrolls. We only need to perform a service for him. You can go handle that and acquire the scroll.

- Talgar Goreblade



“Sea Wolf” MacKinley in Booty Bay has come into possession of an old orcish scroll. This is worth quite a pretty penny. MacKinley’s agreed to hand it over if the mercenaries help him collect a few debts.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

Several citizens of Booty Bay owe “Sea Wolf” money. In order to get the text you have to settle these debts. The stable master, Grimestack, owes him a whopping eight gold. Deeg, the Blackwater privateer, owes him a good twenty-five silver. The weaponsmith Zarena Cromwind owes him a whole fifty silver. The event runner can choose how to handle these debtors.

His biggest debtor is Landro Longshot, who owes him an astonishingly high number that “Sea Wolf” doesn’t specify. Landro also lacks the coin. Whether than let the mercenaries break his kneecaps, he directs them to Janeiro’s Point. There, if we’re able to defeat the sea giant known as Mor’dul the Hammer (12-15 health boss), we will be able to retrieve the gold from the wrecked statue. Fill a small chest with gold and bring all the money to “Sea Wolf.”

Nobody’ll notice it’s missing.

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