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Grettings from Booty Bay to the most esteemed and powerful Kalimdor Mercenaries. I am Sadim, purveyor of rare jewels and owner of the Crystalvein Mine. I’m a bit of a trader by trade and my business is crystals. See the fellas back in Booty Bay – the Mithril Order and local crafters – have set up some highly lucrative contracts for contracts from the mine, but here’s the thing…

The Thrashtail Basilisks have recently moved into the area and completely overwhelmed the mines. It was tragic. The monsters killed all my workers by turning them to crystal with their magical eyes.

So here’s what I need you to do!

Go to the mines and gather up all the crystallized mooks I’ve sent into the area. Set them all up on the platform next to the mouth of the cave opening. Then go in and clear out the lizards.

Don’t you worry,

Sadim Gnik always pays well!



Sadim Gnik of the Steamwheedle Cartel has recruited the KMG to venture into the Cape of Stranglethorn, where they are to slay the Ironjaw Basilisks and gather the bodies of adventurers who they had previously crystallized.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

It’s a pretty simple opener. You show up and emote gathering the bodies. You move them to the platform and that’s that! You then go in the cave and clear out the basilisks. On the platform you can feature a red-scaled basilisk mini-boss with 5 health. Keep it simple.

Once you leave the mine you are confronted by Sadim Gnik, who explains that the mines have been shut down for months. The cost of a mining permit renewal at the Booty Bay offices are ridiculous and so he’s taken to crystallizing adventurers and either selling them as lawn decorations, statues or breaking them down and making jewelry out of them. He wields a magical orb the size of IRL golf ball called the ‘Eye of the Basilisk’ and when you choose to use it do a /roll 8. If you get an eight the target is frozen on the spot and slowly crystallizes over the course of three turns. He will have 10-12 health and will otherwise be quite a weak fighter. Grazzug will want that artifact… so try not to break it!

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