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The secrets of the arcane are many. For too long the orcs have neglected to learn these secrets. We have too long neglected to master them. Some, like Ureda of the Black Flame, turned their back on the arcane in favor of shadows and magics that should be left to the warlocks.

There was an orc of the Old Horde who mastered these secrets long before any other. He was called ‘Kash Icesplinter’ and he was vanquished by the humans during the siege of Stormwind. Until recently that was the end of the tale, but now it has come to light that Kash’s skull has been found by the Blackrock Clan.

Deep in the caverns of Render’s Rock in the Redridge Mountains they have hidden the skull and have begun trying to discern its secrets. Recover it for the Horde.

- Gija, Mage Trainer of the Horde.



The skull of a powerful orc arcanist is being used by the Blackrock clan in the Redridge Mountains. Go there and retrieve it for the Horde!

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

The Blackrock overlord, Braggur, blocks the KMG's way from getting the skull. He will have 10-12 health and is a basic warrior with a great axe. Cut him down! ((The skull is the switch, which for the sake of the event will be a pedestal.))

The KMG will also have the choice to free the two imprisoned humans. If they do so they will foster good relations with the Alliance. If not... the humans will later be killed by the Blackrock orcs. Krakauer and Danforth will represent them in-game. Feel free to give them alternate names though, considering Krakauer and Danforth are kinda dead.

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