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Hey Boss,

Kezz here with a tiny problem. See I’ve been looking at the Krazzworks out in the Twilight Highlands and I got a little jealous. I sent a team to the Highlands and found a nice large mountain near the Krazzworks and I deployed my own Kezz & Co. brand
Installation-in-a-box there! I call it the Kezzworks.

Problem is this mountain turned out to be a gryphon aerie. The Wildhammer started sabotaging the Kezzworks within days. Now… they’ve mounted a full on assault in hopes of shattering the installation and knocking into the sea. A Wildhammer thane called Dunlad Barleywing is breaking all them treaties and peace agreements the Horde and Alliance made… and just for petty animal rights crap!

Take ‘em out and I’ll see to it the unit gets some shiny new tech.

- Kezzik Nitris

P.S. Don’t tell Nicki about this. I’m not in the mood for a ‘I told you so.’



Kezzik, being dumb, has set up his own “Kezzworks” in the mountains off the Twilight Higlands. Coincidently (he claims) this new installation-in-a-box was built on a Wildhammer owned gryphon aerie. Now the Wildhammer are invading against Alliance command. Starting at the command post at the bass of the “Kezzworks” the KMG will work their way up, putting down the Wildhammer attack swiftly and effectively.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

Simple enough! Kill a bunch of dwarves, working your way to the top zeppelin. There you will encounter Thane Dunlad Barleywing and his gryphon Brownfeather. The thane has 12-14 health and the wounded gryphon has 2-4. Dunlad has a stormhammer at his disposal, which is a ranged attack with an automatic +2 to his roll when used.

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