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Hail Grazzug of the Kalimdor Mercenaries,

The Argent Crusade requests the presence of your mercenaries at the Northpass Tower in the Eastern Plaguelands of Lordaeron. Our recent push into Stratholme has left our ranks throughout the plaguelands thin. Your mercenaries are to report to Brett Nelson at Northpass Tower and are to take the patrol route between Northpass and the Plaguewood Tower. Clear the road and the immediate area before reporting to Marc Daiton at the Plaguewood Tower. At this point you are to venture back along the road and return to Nelson with your final report.

Light be with you,

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus



With the Argent Crusade’s numbers thinned by their several campaigns across Azeroth, they are left with too few to properly patrol the Eastern Plaguelands. That’s where we come in. The KMG are to patrol the most dangerous of patrol routes: between the Northpass and Plaguewood towers.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

That’s it! Kill your way to Plaguewood, report in to Marc Daiton. He will then send you back and you report to Brett Nelson!

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