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Name’s Gott Weedlespan, Assistant Director of the Steam Pools Resort and Spa. We got a few problems. One of our chefs, Gordon Tramsey, has received a death threat from one of our employees. You can ask the staff what they know about it all covert like. There’s also an angry water elemental that leaked into the oil rigs we got set up and he’s all oily now. There’s also accusations that one of the resort staff sprayed a mammoth with a type of conditioner that made its hair all frizzy and its owner is furious. We believe it was the owner who did it in the first place. Give him a beat down for the false accusation, but don’t let him know who sent you.

Gott Weedlespan - Assistant Resort Director of the Steam Pools Resort and Spa

P.S. Enjoy the spa while yer in. Tell your friends about us (but only good things)!



There’s quite a list of tasks to do at the Steamweedle run Steam Pools Resort and Spa. Head on over and do ‘em!

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

This event’s a little different. You have three potential tasks and can do all or none. One task is to give the beat down to a mammoth owner (race/class your choice) who has 6 health and is next to defenseless. You can fight a 10-14 health oil elemental. A successful fire attack decimates it, taking out 10 health on a hit. If the attack would kill the boss, it will turn it into a water/steam elemental with 2 health.

Your last task is to find out who levied the death threat against Gordon Tramsey. In order to do this, the mercenaries will have to go around questioning different staff members. This includes the employee in the furthest southern building, Trip Hullbolt, the staff member in the metal concession stand and a goblin who is barbequing next to Lasha Gearwheel’s place. You will have to provide names for the unnamed gobs. Each goblin will have a zany story in which they blame one of the other employees. Be creative here. In the end it will be the I will tell the event's runner ahead of time who made the threat. He/she wanted to be a professional chef and Tramsey said he/she wasn’t good enough.

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