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#9211636 Mar 09, 2014 at 12:46 AM
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I’ve been in talks with the Ramkahen. Apparently the pygmy tribes here in Uldum have acquired some Dwarven armor and technology and refitted it to their own goals. They have been raiding Tol’vir villages and the cat men have lost their patience.

Deal with them!



The KMG have been sent after the pygmy tribe in northeastern corner of Uldum. They’ve been acting up and need to be put in their place!

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

This event’s pretty simple. Go in, kill pygmies. Easy roll battle option if you’d like to take it. A pygmy chieftain in a suit of makeshift dwarven armor heads them. He has a shotgun that he can fire only once for a cone of damage that is an auto crit. Hits everyone immediately in front of him for about a tauren’s height in length (8ft). He doesn’t know how to reload it. 8-12 health.

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