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Because the other two have them!

KMG Character Roster.

Please reply to the original post and add the information for your own KMG characters.
This is to be a short summary of the information about your toon and may be linked to our 'Faces of the KMG' page. This is not to take the place of the longer character introduction posts.

The requested information includes:

Character Name

Outside Affiliations - the groups outside of the KMG your character may be a part of. For example, the Braves of Thunder Bluff, the Bilgewater Buccaneers footbomb team, the Bilgewater Battalion, the Siame-Quashi, an orcish or tauren clan, etc.

What skills does he/she have?

Brief description of appearance

Who he/she is - This is more detailed than the other entries. Please make this several sentences or longer. Include anything pertinent to your character's story. How they lived and died. Their personality, their motivations.
Who was their mentor?

Feel free to add in an extra section for anything else that you feel important to the description of your character.


Please copy the following and paste it in your response, and fill in the answers.

Outside Affiliations:
Who he/she is:
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Name: Grazzug, son of Togrum

Outside Affiliations: The Horde military, the Blackrock Clan

Skills: Martial combat, basic tactics, knowledge of multiple orcish dialects and Common, and proficiency in blacksmithing

: Typically seen wearing a full set of ‘Hellscream’ plate armor and carrying multiple weapons, which may include a runed greatsword, a short sword, his shield, and a bow. He is almost never seen without his wolf-pelt hood, which he wears almost religiously. Recently he has taken up the reforged axe of his predecessor, Dargeth Armbreaker.

Who he is: Born to the Blackrock Clan prior to the crossing into Azeroth, Grazzug was raised largely in Gorgrond, the barren Hellfire Peninsula, the catacombs of Blackrock Spire (for a short time) and later within the human-owned internment camps. Raised to respect the warrior’s way and the elements, Grazzug grew to be a powerful and honorable warrior of the Horde who has seen battle in many of the great conflicts of Azeroth.

After his promotion to Blood Guard of the Horde and commander of the Kalimdor Mercenaries, Grazzug had committed himself to living by the ‘Blood Oath of the Horde’ and serving his warchief’s command. This recently changed when he was forced by circumstance to defect. Now Grazzug reluctantly aids the cause of those who once considered to be traitors.

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The following are taken from our 'Faces of the KMG' page:

Name: Harpo Horrowitz

Outside Affiliations: Accountecutioners, inc.

Skills: Horrowitz is a proficient marksman with most small arms; he’s master of goblin poker; good with numbers, a talented accountant and he’s got one silver-tongue

Appearance: Harpo Horrowitz is clean shaven with receded black hair tied back in a ponytail, he’s got beady brown eyes with a characteristically goblin nose (a.k.a, large) with two truesilver rings protruding from his right nostril. Due to his easy-living lifestyle, Horrowitz has developed a small gut and is not particularly strong. He stands at an average height for a goblin.

Who he is: Harpo was born to Marlo Horrowitz, a renowned alchemist from the Undermine. Marlo was on his sixth wife at the time, a young assistant named Ilza. His father’s prior five wives had all also been young, buxom assistants who he would later divorce once they hit twenty-five.

Harpo, abhorring his father and unwilling to follow in his grease-slicked footsteps, decided to strike out on his own and created one of Kezan’s first dating service: Harpo’s Heart-Breakers.

When that failed, Harpo took up mercenary work, which was more reliable. His experience in action led him to develop this lifelong motto: “Explosions are good, gold is better… SURVIVING IS BEST.”

Eventually Harpo would form his own group: The Asset Acquisition and Accounting Agency, also known as AAA(A), inc. With his newly patented accountecutioners, Horrowitz sold his services to Trade Princes, entrepreneurs, and land owners alike. This did not last terribly long, as after the eruption on Mount Kajaro, Harpo was left largely bankrupt and without means to continue his works, he left mainland Kezan for Bilgewater Harbor… where he discovered a new source of work in the Kalimdor Mercenaries, where he hoped to bring his own brand of highly efficient corporate-level violence to the more savage races of the Horde.

Name: Bauron Ironhorn (AKA: The Iron Bull)

Outside Affiliations: Tauren Confederacy

Martial combat with a strong and powerful form, versatile with melee weapons (though prefers two-handed axes or two-handed maces), riding and flying skills (prefers a Kodo or Windrider, has one of each, though not always with him), travel savvy, speaks Taur-ahe and Orcish fluently, knows basic Common and can read many other languages as a result of his life of travel.

: Bauron stands at about 8 feet tall and has a slightly above average weight for a Tauren warrior of his size, though it comes from his muscle. His body is powerful, muscular and has several battle scars from both before and after he joined the mercenaries. His fur is black all over and has great length at back of his head and upper back like all Tauren. Bauron's horns are as black as his fur, curving off to the sides of his head. Bauron has amber eyes, a strong jaw with a short beard, but no braids or nose piercings.

Bauron wears a full set of Orcish made plate armor with gray, red and gold coloring, and a Tabard of Thunder Bluff. His trinkets are a small totem once belonging to Bauron's father, and a Pandaren-made necklace.

Who he is: Son of Galia and Hallum Ironhorn and middle child of three brothers, Bauron greatly enjoyed the Tauren nomadic lifestyle. Put through trials, some with, some without his brothers, Bauron excelled as a warrior and traveler. When the Tauren joined the Orcs and Trolls to form the Horde, Bauron felt very connected with what the Horde stood for, and having passed his final trials and coming of age, he left the newly set up Tauren homeland to go off in to the world. He would often do jobs for people (mostly the Horde) for a living, becoming a traveling mercenary of sorts.

Years later, Bauron joined the Kalimdor Mercenaries during the time Dargeth was in charge and was promoted to Stoneguard by Grazzug, and later to a Marauder. Bauron does enjoy the traveling part of his job and often leads groups of mercenaries on missions. As a leader, he considers many things before making decisions, but does what he feels to be right and sticks by his choices. This makes him well liked by some of the mercs, but disliked by others. While not particularly talkative or social, Bauron still has friends among the mercs and is a good being to have beside you in a fight.

Mentored by: Grazzug

Name: Strakk Crashgear

Outside Affiliations: While Strakk had run several scheme/organizations to try and get coin, he was never really affiliated with anyone other than himself.

Skills: Combat with blades and daggers, skilled with explosives and rockets (but not too skilled), can drive a trike well, has much boating experience, can fly a plane (barely), operate a hot-air balloon (with most of the work done by robotic squirrels), novice engineer (built the Spy squirrels, but did not invent them), and is good with general rogue sneakiness. Can speak Goblin, Orcish, and Common, and can read limited Thalassian.

Appearance: Strakk stands at an average height for a goblin. Like one would expect from a rogue, Strakk is lean but only average (for his race) in physical strength and muscles. He has yellow teeth, slightly curly ears, violet eyes, and a nose that looks like it has been punched several times in the past (There were actually at least four RPs where Strakk has been punched right in the nose). Wears leather gear and a cape, as well as his most notable and valued item, his brown hat, which hides a messy brown mop of hair.

He's armed with two green blades, several sticks of dynamite and other explosives, a standard rocket belt, standard rocket boots, a net gun hidden behind his cape that doubles as a grenade launcher, a dagger, flares, trike-in-a-box (good for quick escapes, said box being significantly smaller than town-in-a-box), a paint bomb, and some smoke bombs.

Who he is: Born to Croz Crashgear, Strakk lived the early part of his life on a trade ship until pirates forced it to be otherwise. For the rest of his childhood until Mount Kajaro's eruption, Strakk Crashgear lived in Drudgetown and taught himself the ways of a rogue. He did many mercenary missions during this time, mainly for a low level gang led by Big Al (aka: Alice), who he may or may not have had romantic times with.

Many months after joining the Horde, Strakk made himself a part of the Kalimdor Mercenaries. Particularly untrustworthy, greed is Strakk's single biggest fault, and he often goes to great lengths to collect as much coin as he can. He does this through schemes, information collecting, “confiscating”, some-what smooth-talking, looting from dead enemies and fallen allies, and on occasion, actually doing his job. After profit, he loves explosives, the sea, parties, booze, chicks, driving his trike fast, and insulting his co-workers.

Name: Clorg

Outside Affiliations: Peons of the Horde (Former), Horde

Skills: Can barely read Orcish and speaks it somewhat okay. Good with lifting things, can ride a Worg, shoot a gun, and hit things with his fists or objects. Has incredible determination and is very dangerous when enraged.

Appearance: Stupid looking face with red eyes, a bald head, average-sized tusks and a short red beard. Muscular body with some scars but nothing of true significance. Wears red mail armor and is generally not seen without a Horde tabard. Carries his gun and an axe as weapons.

Who he is: Born to Ruthog of the Warsong Clan, Clorg often received little attention from his parents because of how far his they fell to the lethargic condition that plagued the Orcs at the time of Clorg's childhood. Clorg did many chores for his parents, which later developed into him becoming a Peon. After Garrosh took over the role of Warchief, Clorg decided to try to quit being a Peon and become a hunter. He was pushed through rigorous hunter training, becoming a somewhat okay hunter and bonding with a Worg by the name of Ashfur. Despite this, Clorg was still considered as a Peon, so he took a job with the Kalimdor Mercenaries, and later became to be thought of as a mercenary, rather than a laborer.
Clorg has the intelligence of the average peon, but knows the ways of being a hunter, or at least an Orc who holds a gun. Stubborn, reckless, clumsy, and quick to anger (especially if anyone dares call him a peon), it's a wonder this guy hasn't gotten himself killed yet.
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Name: Zelch Wheelgreaser

Outside Affiliations: Goblin Trade Coalition, the Undercity, Wheelgreaser Requisitions (Now Defunct)

Skills: A master of coin, shrewd businessman, and a learned demonologist and scholar of fel magics.

Appearance: A short, aged goblin with purple eyes and more than a few grey hair and wrinkles, medium sized ears and inscribed robes which, depending on his mood, have currents of shadow magic around them. Rarely seen without a polite smile and a calculating stare.

Who he/she is: A former mogul in the trade empire, Zelch was taught at an early age to treat life as a business, and has taken those lessons to heart. He has been around long enough to see the opening of the dark portal, and knows an opportunity for profit when he sees one, having been at the forefront of trading with the new horde.

Certain blunders and the destruction of his estate with the cataclysm caused him to hit rock bottom, and after a few years of delving himself into contracts with demons and fel magics, he has begun clawing his way back to success, starting with the Kalimdor Mercenaries.

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BTW Grazz, you still have Scythe left overs in your original post. "Who he/she is" description talks about them dying~


Emmonaym Nietrayt Silverspring, Freelance Material, Object, and Apparatus Chaperone.

Outside Affiliations:

Not applicable.


Stabbing mercenaries in order to save their lives, botching healing rolls... oh! You mean her actual skills.

Nietrayt is a budding Shaman and is learning to work with her elemental friends. She has an eye for armor (left over from a childhood skill set) and at least knows the right way to hold a weapon. She's a business woman at heart, having started her own gofer service when she found her way to Orgrimmar.


From her bio:

Nietrayt is vertically challenged, even for a Goblin; the highest arch of her pigtails is still three inches from three feet from the ground. Her hair is a natural brown, light and mousy, which serves to draw attention to her violet eyes and lightly freckled green skin. Her large ears are speckled with piercings, including a large spikes through the points and a pair of hoops through the lobe. The hoop on the right lobe sports the crossed wrenches of the Bilgewater Cartel while the left hoop holds the crest of the Horde.

Always a professional, Nietrayt dresses for both fashion and function, choosing mail armor that is both orange (her favorite color) and black.

Nietrayt wears no makeup or bling (aside from her piercings), and enjoys no other signs of her wealth. She likes to allow people to underestimate her.

Current changes include the fact that Crashgear burned off some of her pigtail and so now she wears her hair in an awkward side bun and she's got a few more scars that usual. Her freckles also stand out more now that they're staying in Uldum, meaning she's getting more sun.

Who he/she is:

From zee bio:

Life on Kezan wasn't perfect, but it was something. Nietrayt was born to a pair of Goblins who dotted on their daughter, much to the embarrassment of their friends and companions. Nietrayt was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic at an early age, and was able to apprentice with her father at his armor shop. She learned the value of moolah, how to suck up to a customer, and the finest grades of leather and scale, both raw materials and finished product.

In her free time, Nietrayt enjoyed watching the Buccaneers play footbomb, hanging out with her friends, and living life.

Then Deathwing came and Kajaro rumbled.

Nietrayt was out at a footbomb game when it all went down. She scrambled to try to get home to find her parents, but wasn't able to surge against the crowds. Knowing her parents would rather see her safe, she rushed to the port to join Trade Prince Gallywix but she couldn't afford his steep prices. Instead, she tried to find her own way off the island.

Panic and mayhem were all around. Looters were pillaging and even killing innocent Goblins as they tried to collect the macaroons to pay off their leader. Nietrayt avoided the scuffles with the Sly's knowledge of the streets. While down along a back alley, she found a crying blue child, who happened to be a sick water elemental. Nietrayt helped Dahee clean her waters and carried the elemental to safety, earning her trust and starting their friendship.
But they still had to get off the island. Dahee wasn't able to grant Nietrayt the ability to swim forever or to breathe underwater, so Nietrayt paid her way onto an untrustworthy ship, just to get off Kezan before Kajaro blew.
The ship was a slaver boat.

For six months, Nietrayt was the perfect little slave, performing all labors with a stiff smile and as much pep as she could. At night, however, she trained with Dahee to learn to be a Shaman. When the slavers landed in Azshara, Nietrayt took the opening and escaped into the landscape. She met up with other survivors and heard the tales of the joining with the Horde and decided to set up shop in Orgrimmar.

Since that time, Nietrayt has worked diligently to become a better Shaman and to make as much money as she can where she can. Her business involves bartering with the elements to transport goods across a broken, war-ridden land. She takes any job, even those that are likely to get her killed. She's working with Dahee to use the water elemental's purified water to cleanse and heal wounds, but it's taking a lot longer than she'd like to admit.

Current events have made Nie focus on healing. Dahee has asked for a near-exclusive contract and so Nietrayt focuses on using the elemental to keep the Mercs up. Or, you know, try to drown them. Whichever comes first.

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No one! I AM A REBEL TO THIS SYSTE-- okay, I really need to get this set up. *grumbles*
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Name: Wrokk Softskin

Outside Affiliations: Horde Military, Warsong Clan

Skills: Martial combat, familiar with a variety of weapon types, though he prefers swords or axes. Competent Blacksmith, he's more familiar with the forging and repairing of weapons though he can make decent armor if he needs too.

Appearance: Stands around average height for an orc. He’s very bulky and muscular, particularly in his arms. Pale blue eyes, brownish green skin, black hair kept in a top not, and a short scraggly beard growing on his chin. Old scars cover his body, and his nose appears to have been broken a few times. He’s often seen wearing full plate armor sans helmet, and always carries with him to large weapons, preferably axes, strapped to his back.

Who he/she is: Wrokk was born to the Warsong clan. He grew up in adoration of warriors like his mother, father, and of course Grom Hellscream. His brief time with the clan taught him the values of loyalty and strength. Though he has now grown distant from his clan, and no longer identifies as a Warsong. He still admires what they used to be and holds Grom Hellscream in very high standard. Since he knows firsthand what it’s like to be under demonic influence, he finds it very hard to trust, or be comfortable around warlocks or anyone who dabbles in that sort of foul magic.

Wrokk is a very blunt individual. He will tell you exactly how he feels about you or a situation without second thought or any sort of subtly. He’s also very stubborn, prideful, and headstrong. He often jumps into situations without thinking of any sort of consequences which often lands him into trouble. Despite his short comings, Wrokk is also very loyal, and though it may seem quite contradictory to his prideful and stubborn nature, he has a respect for authority and will gladly follow orders given to him by a superior. Wrokk longs for a purpose in this world; he’s spent too long just going to the motions and scraping to get by. He wants to be part of something bigger than himself again. He hopes to achieve this by serving with the KMG.

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Name: Huuza

Outside Affiliations: None, previously part of the Horde Military

Skills: Combat with light weapons, moderate abilities in healing and shamanistic magic

Appearance: Seven feet tall, lanky, large tusks, messy upswept hair. Until recently, Huuza wore armor of orc design and an Orgrimmar sigil, decorated with war paint and small totems. Since the Siege of Orgrimmar, he has turned more towards the troll style of dress of feathers, bone, and leather.

Who he is: As a young troll on the Darkspear Islands, Huuza had a promising future with his people. He had passed his coming of age trial, taken a mate, and was deep into training as a witch doctor. The killing of his family by the Kul Tiras invaders changed his course, causing him to lay aside his unfinished training to take up arms and fight alongside the orcs against the humans.

He stayed with Thrall’s army throughout the Outland and Northrend expeditions, fighting with both his axes and his elemental abilities. His career with the military ended in Ice Crown after suffering grievous injuries that he barely survived. Having burnt out his desire for vengeance, but unable to fit back into the slow island life, he turned to mercenary work.

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Name: Sashi'zon

Outside Affiliations: Darkspear, Cenarion Circle, Anglers.

Skills: Fishing, healing and some feral capabilities, bone readings and seer work.

Appearance: The tall troll is lean and muscled, with some curves to her. The beginning of wrinkles about her face indicate she is older, or lived a hard life. Her green hair is usually messy and cut short, with feathers and bone weaved in at times. Her skin is a pale green with a blue tint to it, almost a teal, and her face is discolored by a burn scar.

Who he/she is: Sashi tends to be reclusive and a bit grumpy around other people. Specially orcs or strangers. However she have a soft spot for those in need and tends to mother those she can aid and gives freely of her supplies of wisdom. Normally she wanders about as a fishmonger and her druid and seer talents go to waste, she joined the KMG to try to hone those skills and make a difference, but due to Grazzug's actions during the rebellion she has had a hard time reconciling with him as their leader.

Mentored By: Grazzug


Name: Araah Rabbitchaser

Outside Affiliations: None.

Skills: Healing and elemental magic - she is still training.

Appearance: The young tauren is still filling out, so she is tall and lanky, movements awkward at times. She has clear bright blue eyes and has no scars from battle. Her fur is a coffee color with darker streaks through it and she normally wears her hair in braids. Her armor is normally worn misfitted shaman armor she has acquired from somewhere.

Who he/she is: Araah is an orphan from Thunder Bluff, and has learned to be fairly self reliant but has benefited from the tauren culture in how it is supportive and nurturing. She is very optimistic and good-natured, and also is immature and gullible.

Mentored By: Fenrosh

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Name: Agrol Scarblade

Outside Affiliations: Bleeding Hollow, Old Horde (former), Horde military (former), Argent Dawn (former), Knights of the Ebon Blade

Skills: Skilled in martial combat, adept in using many variations of weaponry, expertly wields the powers bestowed on him by the Lich King in his dark rebirth, some knowledge of battle tactics.

Appearance: A dark skinned orc sometimes mistaken for Mag'har. His flesh is leathery and dry. He wears his hair in a topknot and is long unshaven. He wears a full suit of plate armor that seems to pulse with unnatural life.

Who he/she is: A strong and very dangerous warrior of the Bleeding Hollow clan who met his end in battle against the Scourge while defending Light's Hope Chapel. The warrior was raised with unnatural powers to serve as part of the Lich King's elite: the death knights.

Agrol survived to witness the 'Light of Dawn' and joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade in battle against Arthas in Nortrhend. He later aided the Horde on multiple battlefields, but was driven less by loyalty...

The death knight desires souls for his blade to feast on.

Mentored By: Grazzug
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Name: Talgar Goreblade

Outside Affiliations: Frostwolf clan, Horde military,

Skills: Martial combat, basic tactics,

Appearance: A tall, broad shouldered orc warrior garbed in a modified suit of Frostwolf armor. He has black hair and beard. The latter was traditionally kept very short if not entirely shaved, but has recently begun growing it out.

Who he/she is: Talgar was born to the Frostwolf clan some years prior to the Horde's crossing into Azeroth. He grew up in a chaotic time but adhered to the knowledge that the Frostwolf orcs retained their honor... even (especially) when it was hard for them. After the clan's exile, Talgar grew up struggling. But his loyalty, though tested, never wavered.

He eagerly joined the New Horde when it formed and participated actively in the freeing of the internment camps. It was in the first camp he helped liberate that he met Grazzug. They became fast friends.

Talgar was unofficially enlisted into the Kalimdor Mercenaries when Grazzug was promoted to Legionnaire by Dargeth Armbreaker. He was sent on tours of duty in Dragonblight and the depths of Icecrown during the events of Wrath of the Lich King and after the Shattering spent much time fighting on the 'virgin island' near Stormwind, as well as the Twilight Highlands. He was promoted to a Stone Guard within the Horde for his service. He later joined Grazzug in the battle for Theramore and, after Dargeth’s disappearance, joined him again when he seized leadership of the KMG from the Council of Three Goblins.

Talgar was made Grazzug’s Second and has served under him ever since...


Name: Braktar

Outside Affiliations: Darkspear Tribe, Horde military, Warsong outriders

Skills: A deep connection to the loa, expert marksman and crack shot, skilled with a variety of melee weapons, some 'voodoo' magic akin to that of a witch doctor, knowledge of and strong immunity to Azerothian poisons.

Appearance: Tall and well muscled. Fiery orange/red hair (occasionally dyed green) and almost always wearing warpaint. He wears ornate scaled armor, a rush'kah mask and a ceremonial dagger dictating his station as a shadow hunter.

Who he/she is: Braktar was born on the Darkspear Isle to a long line of hunters trailing back to the great witch doctor, Braal’jin, who lined a ceremonial drum with his own mana-infused flesh. Braktar was the first in many generations of his family to have a strong connection to the loa. After his Judgement he was found to be a shadow hunter.

When his people fled to Kalimdor alongside the orcs, Braktar committed himself to aiding the Horde. He fought in the Warsong Gulch, in Northrend, in Kalimdor and even in the islands of Tol Barad.

While his loyalty to the Horde lapsed temporarily during the Darkspear Rebellion… it was only to depose a cruel despot who the Darkspear knew to be unworthy of the honors of warchief.

Mentored By: Grazzug
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Name: Truzzak

Outside Affiliations: Darkspear trolls. Assists the druids in Moonglade as frequently as he can, but not part of their order.

Skills: As a druid, he uses the powers of nature and the forms of animals. He is the most skilled at healing abilities. He has only recently mastered the use of flight form. He speaks common, orcish, and zandali.

Appearance: Truzzak is tall and lanky, with green, crest-like hair. He wears green-brown light leather and carries a staff of druidism.

Who he is: Truzzak spent a good portion of his life in isolation, becoming close to nature in the process. After the Horde formed, Truzzak met Shan'we, and they eventually mated. However, Shan'we was later revealed to be a crazed warlock. She made an attempt to kill Truzzak, but troll headhunters intervened and killed Shan'we before she could do the job. Truzzak's eyesight was badly weakened in a battle years later, forcing him to wear goggles to help him see. Only recently was he able to remove them. Once trolls were revealed to be studying druidism, Truzzak jumped at the opportunity to be closer to nature. Eventually, Truzzak became a healer, and later joined the KMG once it sided with the rebellion.
Because of his early isolation, Truzzak's social skills aren't all that great. He often chats a lot or not at all, asks stupid questions, gets overly excited or really nervous in some situations, and is completely chilled in others. He drinks and does hookah often when he is not working and enjoys parties. His accent is also not as strong as most. Like most druids, Truzzak loves nature and is most comfortable in outdoor areas with plenty of healthy plant-life. He also enjoys swimming, as it helps calm him down when he is stressed.

Mentored by: None

"Profit, profit, profit. A word so nice, you say it thrice." - Strakk Crashgear
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Name: Urgarok "Garok" Ironblood

Outside Affiliations: Warsong Clan, Horde military, Warsong Offensive (formerly), Hellscream's Reach (formerly)

Skills: Axesmithing, berserker warfare, close quarters combat, dragon hunting

Appearance: Garok is usually seen in standard plate armor, wielding a pair of orcish axes he forged himself. A long braid of dark hair hangs down his back and his face is normally covered with at least short stubble, if not a trimmed beard.

Who he is: Born on Draenor, having just recently completed his rites of adulthood before the First War, Garok has always held within him a strong sense of orcish pride and a warrior's code of strength. He lives to test his limits in battle and often sees the likes of spellcasters and assassins as cowardly, hiding in the shadows or behind magic when they should fight with their own power. Despite his thirst for battle, Garok normally possesses the reservation of an elder in a body well-suited for combat.

Garok has served Thrall's Horde since its foundation, preferring to be on the front lines and taking mercenary work in times of military rest. He has made many staunch allies through this, including Grazzug while in the original incarnation of his mercenary band led by Daguluaga. With recent events distancing him from his clan pride, he tends to lean towards working with the Horde as a whole, through the coalition of guilds known as the Warforged Pact.

Mentored By: Grazzug (in progress)


Name: Tabaki

Outside Affiliations: Darkspear Tribe, Horde military

Skills: Witch doctor, potion master, Huojin windwalking, venomhide ravasaur riding, minor residual elemental spirit connection

Appearance: Tabaki wears tribal armor decorated with bones and claws and all manner of voodoo trappings. He is often wearing an enchanted wooden mask, but sometimes can be seen without it and sporting a simple eye patch. During the original settling of Stranglethorn by the Horde, Tabaki lost one of his eyes to the Skullsplitter tribe. The other developed blindness as a result of old age and various chemical fumes. His eyes are surrounded by dark rings of war paint, while white streaks down his face and chin give the appearance of fang designs. Sometimes an animated voodoo doll or a small bat can be seen accompanying him.

Who he is: Hailing from the original islands the Darkspear trolls once called home, before Zar'jira and her army of sea creatures drove them away, Tabaki is no stranger to the strange. Once a Priest of Hir'eek, the Great Bat, Tabaki was instructed to give up the darker aspects of voodoo as a gesture of goodwill toward Thrall for his Horde rescuing the Darkspear. Somewhat begrudgingly, Tabaki made a living as a witch doctor and potion master in the New Horde until the Shattering. In an act he has since come to regret deeply, the old troll took advantage of the Elemental Unrest to become a shaman by binding the spirits to his will. He also resumed using darker voodoo out of spite to the reigning warchief Garrosh Hellscream. During this time, he joined the KMG to discover new reagents for his unorthodox brand of alchemy.

After a few months, Tabaki was overtaken by guilt over his actions and took a self-imposed exile from the Horde and his fellow mercenaries for some needed soul searching. His journey led him to Stranglethorn, the home of the great city of Zul'Gurub that Tabaki had once helped cleanse of Hakkari influence. Pandaren travelers from the Wandering Isle took notice of Tabaki's despair and offered him a way to find peace with his inner turmoil by sharpening his mind and body through their martial arts. Several training montages later, Tabaki returned to his allies in the reformed KMG to aid them as the "Voodoo Windwalker."

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Name: Granthok Flamefist

Outside Affiliations: No official affiliations, but has a great deal of respect and favor for the Frostwolf Clan.

Skills: Skilled mage, enchanter, and jewelcrafter. Firm knowledge of Draenor's history, terrain and inhabitants, both sentient and not.

Appearance: Granthok is an old, wizened Orc. He was likely tall and proud once, but now his back has a hunch to it and age his claimed much of the muscle he once had. His face is heavily lined and set in the berserker's grimace he once held naturally, and his eyes are stained red with demonic corruption. His greyed hair and beard speak that his appearance is no trick - he really is just an old orc.

Who he/she is:
Granthok was a member of the Shadowmoon clan, originally, serving them as a seer. He showed some promise, but felt listless; he was one seer of many, and he wanted to help his clan in a way that had more impact. When the Shadowmoon clan was turned to evil purposes by Kil'jaedan, Granthok's zealous desire to serve his clan lead him to join them down that terribly slippery slope.

Granthok was, while not one of the first, a relatively early adopter of warlock magic among the Orcs - he took to it naturally, and became enamored by its power. The fel taint intoxicated him, and he became a willing follower of Gul'dan in his splinter faction of the Shadowmoon clan. Granthok served on the front lines in the First War, and was a member of the Stormreaver Clan upon its foundation. As a member of the Stormreaver Clan, he went on to serve in the Second War.

Fortunately (in hindsight), the affiliation didn't last long; Granthok was captured by the Alliance early in the Second War, eventually being sent to an internment camp. As the years passed in the camp, and the demonic taint faded from his mind, Granthok grew horrified by his actions, and turned to quiet contemplation and introspection. He became a sort of wise man for the Orcs of the camp, offering them advice and trying to help them make peace with themselves, their pasts, and their apparent fate It was his way of atoning for the monster he had been.

After being liberated in a raid, Granthok continued on to join the New Horde, though without fel magic at his call, he was able to do little more than offer words of wisdom and support to the younger Orcs where it was needed, and assist in tending the injured. He saw no combat in the Third War, and indeed, lived in Orgrimmar as nothing more than a humble Jewelcrafter for many years.

It was the Cataclysm that changed this. With the world falling to pieces, he felt even his old bones needed to help the Horde, and so he sought out the only sort of instruction he could manage with his body having failed him: tutelage as a mage. He was wary of falling into old habits, but arcane power did not have the same twisted allure, and he was, to his great relief, able to learn without many real problems. In fact, his time as a warlock meant he took to it quite naturally.

Since then, Granthok has served the Horde where he can, trying to be a voice of reason and temperance among the hot-blooded younger generation. His knowledge of Draenor, and a deep longing to return home, lead him to join the Horde Vanguard as they marched on the Dark Portal.

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Name: Kasaya Skychaser

Outside Affiliations: Bloodhoof tauren

Skills: Ancestral communication, elemental affinity, tribal combat, hunting and gathering. leatherworking

Appearance: Kasaya has an even dark brown coat of fur and short black horns with yellow eyes. She wears leathers and scale armor often made by her own hand. Her weapons of choice are a pair of tribal axes that channel the power of the elements to strike down the enemies of the Horde.

Who he/she is: Born into the Skychaser tribe of tauren, Kasaya possessed a great affinity for the spiritual arts of shamanism. Once she could commune freely with the spirits of her ancestors, the wisdom they shared with her was great and vast.

All the wisdom of the Earth Mother couldn't prepare her for the events following Warchief Garrosh Hellscream's defeat of Cairne in a mak'gora, resulting in his death. Magatha Grimtotem organized an assault on Thunder Bluff, wiping out many of Kasaya's tribesmen. Though the Cloudsong tribe replaced the shaman for the Horde, they could not replace them for Kasaya.

Since the near extinction of her tribe, Kasaya has tried to carry on in their name. They still guide her from the spirit world, but there is less time to commune with them with each passing moon as the Horde comes to greater turmoil.

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Name: Minzel Scrollspark

Outside Affiliations: Bilgewater goblins, The Reliquary, Cult of Forgotten Shadow

Skills: Pyromancy, shadowcasting, demonology, inscription, linguistics

Appearance: Minzel has golden blonde hair and purple eyes, with yellow-green skin typical of goblin kind. In casual clothes, she usually wears a white shirt with a purple vest, plain pants, and boots. She is often seen wearing a wide brimmed purple hat, with her hair in a ponytail. In the field, however, her dress is much more akin to that of a dark spellcaster. She still maintains the splash of purple here and there, but her robes are darker or duller than her clothes to make her stand out less.

Who he/she is: Minzel and her family were among those conned out of their livelihood by Trade Prince Gallywix and sold into slavery. Her sister, used as part of the Trade Prince's personal "entertainment," was killed during the crossfire between Horde and Alliance warships, leaving her mother, father, and older brother to survive in the ship's escape pods along with Minzel herself.

The Scrollspark family became adept spellcasters during their time stranded on the Lost Isles, and now ply their crafts for the Horde. For a time, Minzel had distanced herself from her family in order to join a resistance movement. She has since then tried to help her family through tough times whenever she can.

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