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Sunfire Seeeker Character Roster.

Please reply to the original post and add the information for your own Seeker toons.
This is to be a short summary of the information about your toon, this is not to take the place of the longer character introduction posts.

The requested information includes:

Character Name
Outside Affiliations - the groups outside of the Seekers that the character is involved in. For example: the Reliquary, Shattered Sun, Magisters, etc.
What skills does he/she have?
Brief description of appearance
Who he/she is - This is more detailed than the other entries. Please make this several sentences or longer. Include anything pertinent to your character's story. How they live. Their personality, their motivations.
Who was their Seeker mentor?

Feel free to add in an extra section for anything else that you feel important to the description of your character.


Please copy the following and paste it in your response, and fill in the answers.

Outside Affiliations:
Who he/she is:
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Name: Nucifara Bladesinger (Akro La'thenil)
Outside Affiliations: Was involved with Ravenholdt, various sneak groups, the Reliquary, her drake hatchery.
Skills: Information gathering, assassination, theft, disguises.
Appearance: Currently has bright red hair that is normally worn loose or in a ponytail. She is almost always in leather armor of some sort with daggers or swords at her side. Her skin is pale as if it hasn't been exposed to too much sunlight. Her nose appears to have been broken and healed crooked in the past.
Who he/she is: Publicly Nucifara is leader of the Sunfire Seekers and works to uncover artifacts and negate threats to the Sin'dorei with said group. She lives a modest life when present in Silvermoon, and normally travels and lives in Northrend where her Drake Hatchery is. She raises and trains drakes and has a couple of handlers who work under her.

In private Nucifara is actually someone else. Not much is known about this side of her life as she worked to rebuild a new identity and erase all traces of her ties to the past.

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Name: Denfehlath Zephyrwise

Outside Affiliations: Order of the Cloud Serpent, The Reliquary

Skills: Particular interest and talent in the arcane schools of illusion, conjuration, and transmutation; serpent riding; archaeology and the restoration of artifacts

Appearance: Denfehlath's hair holds a deep red tone, and curls just below her shoulderblades. It is generally well-maintained, kept free of tangles or other nasty things. Her features are sharp and precise, but aren't harsh in the sense of the cruel, wolf-like features of some of her people--simply intimidating when she wishes them to be, but also capable of displaying vivid emotion. Her eyes are large, and of a pleasant seafoam green. They easily reflect her emotions on most occasions. She stands a few inches below the average height for her race, and she has multiple tattoos [links are semi-NSFW]. Oftentimes, she keeps these covered, and does her best to keep it that way, as it could be seen as unprofessional and undesirable for one of her skillset. However, one (a more recent piece, compared to the others) can be seen curling from the left side of her neck near her jaw down past her collarbone, stopping a few inches below. This piece is highly detailed, depicting a golden cloud serpent and a green serpent curled around one another amongst the skies.

Who she is: Fehl is publicly known as a magess within the city of Silvermoon with no particular rank (though some say she was once known as an Illusionist), and busies herself with her work as an archaeologist of the Reliquary, oftentimes leaving the comforts of Eversong to venture into Azeroth in search of rare artifacts. As of late, she's joined the Horde on their journeys through Pandaria, eventually burying herself in her work with both the Seekers and, more recently, the Order of the Cloud Serpent. A dedicated and fiercely loyal individual, Fehl takes care to keep an eye on the members of the Seekers, and make sure that balance is maintained in the group.
However, on occasion, her more mischievous side comes to light, and her sense of humor is announced in the practical jokes she plays, as well as her amusement at the misadventures of her colleagues.

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Name: Rathadan Azureblade
Outside Affiliations: Typically, anyone who needs a healer
Skills: Healing, triage, any other unpleasantness that involved patching people back together, and prayer. If that's a skill.
Appearance: Rathadan isn't very tall. He's on the shorter side of average, and his robes do absolutely nothing to make him look any taller. He's a very tidy man, assuming he hasn't been working in the field. His hair is long and a very bright platinum blonde.. though there's probably a fair bit of grey in there. He keeps his goatee fairly short, and his glasses are always perched on his nose.
Who he/she is: Rath is a very unlucky fellow, but that terrible luck has turned him into an extremely responsible individual. Perhaps a bit too much, as he doesn't quite know how to have fun, per say. He's had a long and challenging life, just as many Sin'dorei, and had to do a lot of things he'd rather not mention to survive. He is essentially a giant mother hen.
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Name: Keyled Azureblade
Outside Affiliations: None
Skills: Swinging an axe, being irritating, getting into fights
Appearance: Keyled is of average height, built in a bulky sort of way to back up all that heavy armor he wears--which he frequently has to replace, because he doesn't take care of it. His hair is long and brown, typically in a mess that he has to shove out of his face. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye.
Who he/she is: Keyled is the youngest of the trio of Azureblade siblings, and used to being taken care of by other people. Much as he claims to hate the coddling, he's still learning that being out on your own isn't quite as easy as everyone makes it seem. He's still decently young and thinks himself much more charming than he actually is.
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Name: Vylarlan Rel'Endar Suneater

Outside Affiliations: No outside affiliations besides the occasional meeting with a magister to discuss her research

Skills: A minor alchemist and herbalist, she also practices the rather taboo art of Demonology. She disguises this as research about the Twisting Nether regarding it's relevance in teleportation and such arcane pursuits. She only tells those she feels she can trust about her studies in Demonology.

Appearance: Her hair is a white-blonde, usually held up in a bun. Her face is angular, even compared to others of her race. This is accentuated by her high cheek bones and thin nose. He lips are thin, but supple. Her eyes are a strong fel-green, more so than a normal Sin'Dorei. Her face is often soft-looking, though it appears hardened when she is in deep thought or concentration. He demeanor ranges from apathy to anger. She is of average height for her race, perhaps even a little smaller than normal. She is pale, almost to the point of appearing sickly. Her nails are generally painted a crimson red and she has a large variety of studs in the upper portion of her ears, concluded by a gold hoop earring through the lobe of each ear.

Her attire generally ranges from a dark jacket, with matching pantaloons and high boots to a similar robe. Her clothes are of a fine manner, though by no means overly expensive. She keeps a black-bladed dagger at her side at all times. The blade is curved, much like a small scimitar.

Who he/she is: Vylarlan is a generally passive character, preferring to stay back and assess a situation before applying any input to it, whatever that may be. Depending on her mood, she can be generally apathetic, but most of the time, she is dark and reclusive in nature. When interacting with others, she has a short temper and is easily angered and annoyed. She cares little for those she considers fools and is arrogant to those she sees in such a light. She generally keeps to herself unless prompted into speech. She applies herself fully to all tasks set before her. She is often snide and sarcastic in speech, bordering, but never crossing, the line into disrespect.

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Character Name: Coraias "Leafwalker" Lilassea

Outside Affiliations: The Farstriders (Ranger-Captain), the Cenarion Expedition (Pathfinder), the Mag'har (Talbuk Wrangler)

What skills does he have?: Coraias is a rugged outdoorsman, a skilled tracker, a consummate soldier, a determined infiltrator, a passable fletcher, a handy leatherworker, an accomplished animal wrangler, and an amateur ornithologist.

Brief description of appearance: Coraias is always decked head to toe in armor and armaments, each showing the wear of use as well as the careful hand of constant maintenance. He has a rather soldierly carriage, and a very proper bearing, such that strangers might take him to be something of a stiff. He usually keeps his blonde colored hair cropped short in a decidedly military fashion, but he lets it grow out to wild proportions when off duty. He is missing his left eye, and his face bears a crimson latticework of burn scars.

Who he is: Coraias is a soldier first and foremost, focusing on his duty to his people and the Horde before anything else.

In his youth, he held a minor position in the Court of the Sun as a librarian, where he cultivated eclectic, if mundane, interests, such as horticulture, taxidermy, herpetology and ornithology.

He enlisted with the Farstriders following the war, and has risen through the ranks slowly and deliberately, based off of hard work and dedication more so than any raw talent. He takes on missions and assignments he finds to be morally defensible, and strongly believes in doing the right thing, regardless of the difficulty or the cost.

As a result, Coraias often lives rough and scrapes by meagerly, but he does so in pursuit of what he feels is right, so he does not begrudge any caves slept in or trees roosted upon in light of the fact that he can live with a clear conscience and firm sense of direction.

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Character Name: Ithendrae Inathillien (Drae/Draea)

Outside Affiliations: None

What skills does he/she have? Draea excels at conjuring pastries and other delectables. She is also an accomplished tailor and a competent enchanter. Draea has talent as a mage with a particular affinity for fire, but she is untrained and undisciplined so the use of her magic often has unpredictable results. She has been known to set things on fire accidentally on multiple occasions.

Brief description of appearance: Draea has conventionally pretty features for an elf and has pale skin and short, dark red hair that frames her face. Due to her lazy lifestyle and love of pastries, she is rather chubby. Draea is impeccably dressed and groomed at all times. Her clothing and jewelry is always elven styled and usually understated though elegant.

Who he/she is: A former noblewoman of Eversong, Draea is struggling to adapt in the changed world after Arthas' march on the Sunwell. She was used to a life of privilege and ease where servants and family would cater to her every whim, which left her unprepared to fend for herself. Draea is trying to focus on training and self improvement to find ways to contribute to the restoration of her people, but often finds herself falling back into bad habits of laziness and self-indulgence. She is very insecure about her skills and perceived uselessness as well as being naive about the world outside Quel'thelas and dealing with the other races.

Who was their Seeker mentor? Nucifara
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Name: Velindeyn Shadestrider
Outside Affiliations: Ex-Farstrider
Skills: Tracking, Beast Training, Subterfuge, Scouting
Appearance: Bright blonde hair usually kept tied back, she keeps herself dressed in full armor in most any appearance she makes in the public. She keeps a quiet watch, often with a slight grin of mischief on her face. She bears quite a few scars on her back, shoulders, and arms, most looking to be scars of battle, and keeps a bandage wrapped around her left forearm constantly.
Who he/she is: The daughter of a nobleman whose madness after the destruction of Silvermoon drove him to slowly destroy his household, Velindeyn discarded her family ties to live amongst the shadows for the majority of her life. A wandering vagrant, there isn't much record of where she had been up until the recent months before she returned to Silvermoon to join the Farstriders beneath her sister. Picking up on the skills quickly, she appeared to be a promising new recruit, until a trip to the Ghostlands assumingly proved fatal for her sister. Demanding that searches be sent out, and denied at every turn, she withdrew from the Farstrider organization and struck out on her own.
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(( I'll include this one here since most people have encountered her in the past. ))
Name:Faelien Dawnscribe
Outside Affiliations:Blood Knights, Golden Lotus
Skills:Map Making, Defensive combat, Blacksmithing
Appearance: A rather shy and unassuming elf, she stands shorter than the average Sin'dorei, though she wears her plate armor comfortably, and her stature is beginning to show the payoff of her time in wearing it. Her black hair is kept cut to a medium length, just long enough to hang freely above her shoulders. Her hair will occasionally fall in front of one eye, and she consistently uses it to hide her face if ever made nervous or bashful.
Who he/she is:Faelien comes from a small family of map makers and scribes, being one of the few children who have sought a way out of a quiet, comfortable lifestyle for something larger. After experiencing the horrors of the scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, she immediately felt a calling to defend the place she called home, but had very little practical experience in fighting. Her mother, however, discovered that, while she lacked the ability to manipulate the healing powers of the Light, she was very well suited in the martial applications of it, and to the slight dismay of her father, sent her to the Blood Knights to begin training in the ways of a paladin.
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Character Name: Cadrius Hawkarrow

Outside Affiliations: Argent Dawn/Argent Crusade

Skills: Blacksmithing, Tracking, Intimidation, Battlefield Tactics (Tactical, Strategic, and Operational), Interrogation, Weapon Mastery

Brief description of appearance: As any who have seen him, Cadrius is a horrific being to look upon. His face is mangled and scarred, and he is a far cry from anything resembling beauty in any culture other than, perhaps, orcs. Even then, he is a model of a warrior, the epitome of such a weapon. Built of corded muscle and weathered beyond his years, he is a veteran of many wars judging by his trappings, tattooes, and relationships across both alliances.

Who he/she is: Cadrius is an orphaned warrior who was conscripted at an early age and has spent many years killing his way through history, specifically the modern wars and the Second and Third wars. With so many battles under his belt, and many brushes with death, he has earned himself a rather dark outlook on life and an overly serious nature. He is not well known for being a pleasant or jovial fellow, having been too deeply touched by his warfaring lifestyle.

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Name: Eradrys Warren (Era Warren)

Outside Affiliations:

Skills: Swordsmanship training in different variations, hand to hand combat, engineering, painting & drawing (as a hobby)

Appearance: Era has pale skin with freckles that cover her arms and face, as well as crows feet and wrinkles from training and fighting outdoors in the sun. Her eyebrows are thick and brooding though her temperament is cheery. If she is not in her armor, she wears very plain clothing. She is short and small but a bit stocky in build.

Who he/she is: A warrior approaching what would be compared to age 30. Refuses to discuss the past mostly, uninterested in romance and the emotional. Era can be the life of the party or a contemplative wallflower. Depending on her relationship with your character it may be very hard to get personal with Era.

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Name: Kalaanar Silversun

Outside Affiliations: Kalaanar was trained by the Blood Knights in Silvermoon and helped the Reliquary several times in the past, but he never became an official part of either of these organizations.

Skills: Skilled in the ways of a paladin (although much better fighter than healer) and swordsman, and decent in unarmed combat. Excels as a horseback rider, although his flying needs some work. Has a good eye for finding things. Can speak Orcish, Thalassian, and basic common. Great attitude. Self-declared Truth or Dare champion.

Appearance: Tall, slender, muscular, handsome, like most of the sin'dorei people. Kal has golden blond spiky hair with a short elven goatee and fel green eyes. He wears a set of red and black plate armor, but keeps his head uncovered. He has a single sword, the origins of it are unknown, but he got it a short time before joining the Seekers.

Who he is: Son of Desarian and Anarella, Kalaanar Silversun was born into a relatively healthy family. He had a twin brother named Valliran, and a younger sister named Abellanin. When Kalaanar became a young adult, his father was killed during the Scourge invasion. In the time that followed, Valliran became one of the Wretched, and both his mother and sister vanished. Kalaanar became depressed for a time, but later regained his sense of joy when the Sunwell reignited. Kalaanar did some fighting in the Northrend War, became a paladin, and sought treasures in places like Badlands, Uldum, and Pandaria. Sometime after the Siege of Orgrimmar, he joined the Seekers.
Pretty brash, even for a blood elf, he's prone to jumping right in to a problem, argument or battle, in part due to his desire to be admired by others. He's blunt and honest unless it is necessary for him not to be. Despite his rashness, he is respectful to those with authority. He is good natured and friendly to his fellow Seekers as long as they are friendly to him. Furthermore, he enjoys his work and his sometimes seen as enthusiastic or dramatic. He likes sweets, but hates children.
Sort of a collector, Kalaanar appreciates artifacts and sees value in the look of it, as well as the benefit it brings to his people. He travels much, but often returns to hang out in Silvermoon. Aside from fine art, adventuring, eating sweets, and socializing, he enjoys horseback riding, telling racial jokes and dancing, often bragging of his skill in these activities. He does not get along well with most other races.

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