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(My first writing entry here. I'm a bit rusty, but hope you folks like it!)

Zelch felt the wind against his face, heard the slow yet constant flow of the river.

"Calm. Be calm."

The goblin let his mind wander, freeing himself of his surroundings. His thoughts went away from the Valley of the Four Winds, away from the mess of a recovering Horde, away from the Legion. By the void, this meditation garbage was actually working.

Ever since he began using his demonic magics frequently as a mercenary, it was becoming ever harder to control his aggression. As powerful as it was, such unprofessional impulsiveness would never do, so something needed to be done. At first, Zelch had expected to find his solution to the fel corruption through magical means. While that trail was still cold, he had heard of the pandaren's control of inner demons through meditation and training. It sounded like a crock, but there was time before he was called for some new dealings or mission, so it was not as though he had anything to lose.

Sure enough, sitting here on green grass by the riverbank, he could feel his anger ebbing. It was like he didn't have a care in the world. Of course that was a lie, but it helped put things in perspective at least. For just a little while he didn't care about his meager room in the Undercity, the now constant struggle of clawing his way to profit, the fools who DARED Perhaps he was getting off track.


A nearby splash in the river.

“Be calm.”

A louder splash, closer this time.

“I am ca-”


Zelch was cut off as he was sprayed with a wave of water. Sputtering, he rubbed his eyes to get a good view of who had interfered with his quiet. It was a pandaren girl, a child by the looks of it, half submerged in the river and struggling with a fishing rod that appeared to be made for one at least twice her size. The goblin loudly cleared his throat as he now stood eye-level with the girl, who had only now just noticed him.

“O-Oh! My deepest apologies stranger!” The flustered girl said, bowing low to acknowledge her fault. “I was just so focused on catching fish for my family. My father is sick, and mother is in the fields, so it fell to me to prepare supper, but I can't use my father's pole, and I just...oh ancestors!” She cried, putting her face in her hands to compose herself. Good grief. Spilling her guts and breaking down at the drop of a hat? This is why Zelch never had kids.

Better to nip this in the bud. “You need fish, is that it?”

The girl looked up, still sniffling. “What? Er...yes.”

“Out of the river then. Stand aside.” The goblin declared, rolling up his wet sleeves. Wide eyed, the pandaren complied, wading up to join Zelch with her tangled mess of a pole.

“Will you help me sir? will you catch fish without-”

Her question died as Zelch's arms became engulfed in flame, two growing orbs of fire spiraling into each of his palms, his expression a calm smile one would use when discussing the weather.

“One fish dinner coming up.” the goblin said, merging the fire into one meteoric ball of destruction in his right hand. With a few steps back and a wind up, he lobbed the fireball underhanded into the sky, pausing for an instant as it fell into the middle of the river. With an explosion of steam and a loud crash of boiling liquid against it's sides, the river seemed to momentarily stop as as a gap had appeared where once water had been. Then after that moment that seemed to go on for hours, the river rushed to rejoin itself, coursing with renewed vigor.

Zelch dusted his now dry robes as the pandaren girl stood dumbfounded, her eyes disbelieving of what had just transpired. “Wh- How could- Look what you did! The mud is completely dried up, there were flowers here! Why did you do such a thing!?”

In response, the goblin strolled to the now cracked riverbank and picked up a thoroughly cooked, but intact fish. He then pointed around the scene as the number of likewise fish became apparent, more than enough to feed a normal family, or an adequate dinner for pandarens. The girl, while still repulsed, could not help but stare at would surely have been a full afternoon's work.

As the girl curtly thanked the goblin and began collecting the fish, Zelch left her to her work, feeling rather pleased with the whole affair. The meditation had definitely worked. Even as he had felt the demonic fire burn through him, he felt only warmth and the sight of his goal. Nothing mattered but what was in front of him, and the inevitable outcome. Quick and efficient, if not quite precise.

“Distracting, cathartic, quiet, and a small explosion? I should fish more often.”
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