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[a note written in methodical hand sat curled in the scorching heat, nailed to the command board near the Orgrimmar Counting House]

Lok'Tar Ogar, Kalimdor Mercenaries. I seek work and have heard word of your leader, Grazzug. I am Zurrig Ironshaper, of the Blackrock clan. Ye be callin' me Iggy. I offer my skills in war and smithing to your group in exchange for no-nonsense bid'ness to earn coin. If y'take interest in my offer, seek me out.

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Within hours of the Zurrig's letter being nailed upon the Warchief's Command Board, a courier is dispatched to find the orc. The courier would deliver a letter that states:

Throm'ka warrior,

I am Talgar, Second of the honored Grazzug. The Kalimdor Mercenaries are ever eager for more blades for the cause of achieving glory and profit in the name of the Horde. Operations have taken the commander to the deserts of Uldum. If you believe you are worthy venture there and seek him out.

- Talgar Goreblade
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