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First entry, first day in da camp.
Seen some of de others taking a journal account of our trip, da new guy Felpik t'ought it might be good for me to do da same. He seems ta be t'inkin' I gonna go crazy at some point and dis be a good way to keep me wits, I entertain da notion for now. Guessin he be havin' some bad history wit' Death Knights.
Da trail for Kezzik be leadin us into da desert. We be makin' camp in Uldum, by da town of Mar'at. Da cat people of Ramkahen be generous wit' dere supplies so we be well off for now, not dat I be needin' much more den dis pen and journal dat be in dere, not sure why dey decided to pack dem but I guess dat be dat.
Da shot I took to my side wit da pick axe not be troublin me any more but I had to consume a vial to fix it up. Unpleasant necessity but it keeps me goin', in a moment of stupidity though I smashed it after drinking da contents, dat gonna come back ta bite me I can feel it. Da eye be a bigger concern, until I can find a solution my effectiveness in combat be diminished and so too be my depth perception, what good be a warrior who can't see da fight properly?

5 vials left.

Second entry, evening of the first day.
Sentry duty. Volunteered for da job, don't be needin' sleep like da rest of dem so seemed right. Give me a chance to practice fighting in my current state.
Da Goblins have taken to making dere own alcohol, whole camp seems to be in *the letter "a" has been added here after the rest of the wording* good spirits mood. Strakk and Nietrayte girl be takin da opportunity ta get a bit closer, just hopin dey remember dat da tent not be blockin' sound.

Third Entry, morning of the second day.

Uneventful night, nothin' to report.

Fourth Entry, evening of the second day.
Set out hunting today, some of da wildlife be non too friendly, wasps with mandibles as ling as my fore-arm, good sport. Certainly killed tougher t'ings in my time but dese be unfortunate circumstances.
Azgrimm, one of de Orcs dat be part of de expedition has taken to sparring wit' me to help me get used to fightin' wit' da handicap, good way to pass da time too.

Fifth Entry, morning of the third day.
Found one of da Wastewander bastards lurkin' around camp last night. Chased him off but lost da trail near da water but decided to turn back, don't need dem gettin in behind while I be off chasin shadows. Tripped and lost 2 more vials in da water... Dey gonna pay big for dat.

3 vials left.

Sixth entry, evening of the third day.
*Bloody fingerprints mar the writing of the next entry*
Spent da morning talking to da locals at Mar'at, asking about da Bandits and dere known locations. Once I had da info I set off, Huuza gave me a look as I left, didn't say anything but I t'ink he be knowin what I be up to. Found one of da bandits at one of dere old sites, group must have moved on since da Ramkahen last scouted, made sure to pass dat on. Don't t'ink dey be back in a hurry though, bled him dry and left him hangin on dat tree, carrion birds were already circling as I left. His blood was poor quality, even for desert filth but it be enough for now.

Seventh entry, morning of the fifth day.
De others took shifts keepin watch last night, t'ink my not needin' sleep be unnervin' to dem so dey let me rest. Pretended to sleep for dere sakes but all it did was let me mind wander. T'oughts of da past came back, days of youth on da Darkspear Isles, landing on Kalimdor, joining wit' da Argents and de events dat followed. Curse dat bastard and curse his black soul. Death was too good a fate for dat *a puncture mark appears in the page from the pen being stabbed at it*
Faces came to me too. Family, friends... others. Parents were old by da time da Orcs first came, dey didn't live much past original founding of da Echo Isles. Me brother and sister are another matter t'ough. Haven't seen dem since comming back, no intention of doin so. Little Sa'lira never had it easy, da youngest of us jugglin her learnin da ways of da potion doc's wit' always havin ta intervene between me and da great Mi'rak - firstborn, member of da elite Siame-Quashi and not shy about remind in' ya of dat. We always be buttin' heads ovah anyt'ing and everyt'ing possible, it be what makin me decide to take up wit' da Argents in da first place. Dat turned out well...

Eighth entry, the sixth day.
Sand, sand everywhere. How da Farakki be livin like dis I never be knowin. Da isles be havin sand, but had beaches ta go wit' it, jungles. Dis land is dead, nearly as dead as me and da sand be it's last attempt ta not go alone. Getting in everywhere, most of da more heavy armoured of us have taken ta wearing nothin but cloth. Plate and mail just gets too hot and heavy and da sand be gettin in everywhere, sticking to and ruining freshly oiled weapons, between plates and rubbin on da skin. If we not be doin somet'in soon I may just go mad yet.

Ninth entry, the seventh day.
Bandits tried making another run at da camp in force last night, but we be ready for dem, met dem head on and dey be slaughtered. Da sparring be payin off, I be fightin' like I still be havin both eyes again. Took a wineskin and filled it wit' what I need, won't be able to hide it like da vials but my options be runnin' low.
Can see Grazzug commin up da road from Mar'at now, map in hand and determination painted on his face. Today we set out on da next part of dis mission and I be eager for it, dere be scores dat need ta be settled and dues dat need ta be paid. Bwonsamdi be a constant presence ovah me shoulder and he be thirsty. Let's hear what de Orc has ta say.
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