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“B-b-b-but you can’t do this to me! I am here as a representative of Stormwind and the Alliance!” The human stuttered as he yielded more ground inside his quarters. “The War-Mage will hear of this!”

The goblin’s mouth split into a cruel smile, leering at the half dressed human. “You know that ain’t my problem pal. You humans are all the same, you come into Booty Bay thinking we’re all just gonna let you do what ya like because we’re neutral. You forget that means we are neutral and you’re gonna share the bar with orcs and trolls right next to you and ya dwarven buddies.”

As the human opened his mouth the goblin leapt over the ragged mess of a room and grabbed him by the front of his robe. “But it ain’t the Wildhammer that started the fight tonight, no. It ain’t – what did you call them? – those savages and their green skinned task masters. No it was you, the jumped up human with some fire magic. You think Skindle thought your little joke was funny? Half the bar is heaving their guts into the ocean from the smoke. That’s bad for business pal. And when business is bad, the Bay retaliates.”

The young mage looked into the eyes of the suit wearing goblin and seemed to regain some of his swagger. Pushing the goblin away and rising to his feet, the human reached for his wand. With one hand scrabbling across the cluttered floor, he heared the goblin begin to laugh. “You really that stupid pal? Look, I’ll make it easy on ya. Think of it as the free lesson Booty Bay offers to any other puke like you that forgets his place. You play with fire, you get BURNED!” Agony flared in the human’s body, like his very soul had been set on fire. Through tear stained eyes, the human watched as the goblin flashed him one more grin before turning on his heel and leaving the human to his misery.

Sitting on one of the less charred stools, the suited goblin counted out his coin on the table in front of him. Fires weren’t uncommon in Booty Bay, and business would soon be back to normal. For now he enjoyed the sound of staff clearing away debris and the dull roar of the ocean. His reverie was broken as a shadow blocked out the morning light and sat down opposite him. “There you are, chum. Been looking for you all over the port.”

Scooping his earnings to one side, the goblin smiled at the rough looking woman opposite him. “Catelyn, what can I do for the Blackwater Raiders this fine morning?”

The woman returned the goblin’s smile. “Bit of a business matter we’ve got at the moment Felpik. One of the lads overheard the Baron having breakfast with an Alliance robe. Something about his apprentice being attacked in the night by a warlock, destroying months of research notes. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

“Course not, that mageling’s room was covered in filthy robes and discarded bottles - fat chance of anything of value being destroyed in there. Come on Catelyn, you know me better than that, I don’t break anything except what I’m paid for.”

Felpik got up out of his seat and wandered over to the bar. The morning bargoblin whistled softly to herself as she fixed two drinks and discreetly disappeared from view. Offering one mug to the human woman, Felpik sipped from the other “What’s this really about?”

Catelyn accepted the mug and placed it on the table. “Felpik, you’re a decent fixer. But the Baron is furious. Neutrality or not, he cannot have Alliance being attacked in the port by rouge warlocks. No, don’t go for your wand Felpik. I’m not here to bring you in.”

Felpik’s hand froze, inches away from his wand. Eyeing Catelyn carefully, he squinted through the window. Several bruisers were milling around outside. “Then what are you here for?”

Throwing a folded letter across the bar to the goblin, Catelyn grins. “I’m giving you the warning. Five minutes from now the bruisers are going to be here looking for you. Could I suggest a nice long vaction? I hear Southern Kalimdor is nice this time of year. In fact I think there’s a trade ship leaving for Tanaris within the hour.”

Felpik scanned the letter quickly, his eyes daring over its contents. With a smirk he tucked the folded letter. “Passage and my personal affects all stowed away on board already. Guess I owe you some thanks. Payment for my last job is on the table, keep it. You’ll be owing Skindle a drink, cause I ain’t paying for this one.”

The pirate watched as Felpik eyed the window facing the port. “Actually pal, you better make that a window too. See ya round!” With a heave, a crash and the surprised cries of several bruisers, Felpik was gone.
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