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Kalimdor Mercenaries,

I am Zaras. While I know you are not normally accustomed to doing work with a human I swear to you I have no affiliation with the Grand Alliance nor any desire to develop such ties. My concerns are on a scale vastly larger than any a normal man could comprehend.

Something has happened in recent years and I believe it barely preceded the Cataclysm of our world. I do not know what it was, but the effects are clear. The ancient anubisaths of Ahn'Qiraj, guardians instilled by the titans themselves, were resurrected in the old ruins. Only now their minds were corrupted into serving the will of the Old Gods...

Some dark power has taken to the different hives throughout Silithus and has awakened them. Not just silithid emerge now, but Qiraji as well! They have begun amassing inside the ruins and grow at an unnatural rate. Go, kill them and their general. Once you're inside also seek out the construct known as Horuseth and destroy him. He is recognizable by his avian features. Whatever you do... ignore his words.

Grazzug's note: I met him in person. There was definitely something he's hiding. I don't like this, but he is offering far too much gold to refuse and if he is telling the truth it could mean something far more dangerous is at hand. This is not considering the potential plunder of the ruins. I'm sure these bugs wouldn't mind losing any remaining gold nor valuable stones or jewels within the ruins.



The KMG are going to the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj to investigate the new happenings there, eliminate the Qiraji general and liberate the anubisaths and their leader from their maddened existence.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

This is essentially an IC run of AQ 20 with two minor twists.

First: When you reach Moam - we'll call him Aratep - have him yell a line referring to his freedom from the curse of flesh and have him praise the Old Gods. Turns out Zaras sent a team of Tol'vir first and they went mad and defected.

Second: Ossirian / Horuseth fight should be a roll battle, though. He looks roughly like Ossirian but is seemingly made of black obsidium and clad in elementium armor that is inscribed with the symbol of Twilight's Hammer. This reflects on the fact he was awakened by Twilight's Hammer when Cho'gall occupied the ruins. I'd give him around 20 health because this is supposed to be a challenge.

He would start the battle by yelling out "Sands of the desert, rise and block out the sun!" and all the KMG will get a -1 to their rolls for the duration of the fight because of impeded vision. He will have immense strength and size (being a stone giant), an AoE warstomp, and in his last 10 health his armor will shatter, revealing the runes that were etched into his body by Twilight's Hammer.

In this second phase the sun is completely blotted out and everything's practically black. Only the eyes and the runes etched into Horuseth's body light up the field of battle.

With this new phase he gains the ability to throw 'bursts of twilight' which are essentially shadowflame. If we're doing really well have him fade into the realm of twilight at around 4-5 health, becoming invincible, and have him summon two large voidwalkers (5 or 6 health each). Once the two voidwalkers are dead we can resume killing him.

Have Horuseth preach about the Old Gods and their glory throughout the fight, remarking about C'thun's eventual resurrection.
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