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*A scroll with the insignia of Ramkahen*

The Faith and Sword of the Ramkahen have extended to you an opportunity to save the lives of out people. Of late there has been a resurgence of the foul wind elementals of Al’Akir, despite the wicked one’s demise. Sightings have been reported of of one of the Djinn.

We sent a force to aid in the efforts to rebuild Orsis, our sister city, but they they vanished in the night as the sands once more swept over the city. King Phaoris and the council have decided that our traditions have not prepared us for the measures that shall be required to stop this relentless attack upon our people. This is where you come into action.

While you are there and ending the vile forces of wind you must also reactivate the guardians and defeat them. Once you have managed this, they shall yield to you a gemstone. Bring them to me.

- Ammantep, General of Ramkahen

Grazzug's Note: A scouting party encircled the city just before dawn and found that there was a massive wind elemental atop the 'pyramid' there. They report it as looking almost human and I'd wager it was thsi D'jinn mentioned by the general. The language it was speaking they did not know, but it definitely could have conjured that sandstorm. The elemental was gone by dawn's light, though. Confrontation with it can wait. For now just do as the Tol'vir demand.



The KMG have been dispatched in an effort to eliminate the air elemental forces that have recently beset and taken over Orsis, burying the reclamation expedition alive and destroying all they can reach. The team is also to retrieve the sun and moon stone from the titanic constructs there.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

This event’s pretty simple. Go in, kill elementals, and help the activate and battle the two titanic constructs. Both are bosses with 10-12 health a piece (maybe a bit more of a lot of folks show up, but since you're fighting two separate bosses they shouldn't be TOO hard.

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