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Emmonaym Nietrayt Silverspring, Freelance Material, Object, and Apparatus Chaperone.

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Nietrayt is vertically challenged, even for a Goblin; the highest arch of her pigtails is still three inches from three feet from the ground. Her hair is a natural brown, light and mousy, which serves to draw attention to her violet eyes and lightly freckled green skin. Her large ears are speckled with piercings, including a large spikes through the points and a pair of hoops through the lobe. The hoop on the right lobe sports the crossed wrenches of the Bilgewater Cartel while the left hoop holds the crest of the Horde.

Always a professional, Nietrayt dresses for both fashion and function, choosing mail armor that is both orange (her favorite color) and black.

Nietrayt wears no makeup or bling (aside from her piercings), and enjoys no other signs of her wealth. She likes to allow people to underestimate her.


Nietrayt is usually accompanied by her contact among the water elementals, Dahee. She's also known to consort with Calcarb, an earth elemental; Niox, an air elemental; and Tetrah, a fire elemental.


A believer of "life is for the living," Nietrayt spends her time enjoying life. Whether she's off at the spa with her elemental friends, running a job for a mook, or relaxing by the bar in Orgrimmar, Nietrayt lives. She's friendly and boisterous, like most Goblin women, but she's got an intelligent gleam in her eyes that comes from situation awareness and a healthy dose of paranoia. Nietrayt doesn't trust anyone, but she's nice and willing to work with everyone, even those who have betrayed her in the past. Her outward demeanor won't allow her to be rude or cautious. But on the inside, she's always ready.

She does have a smart mouth that constantly gets her in trouble, even around clients and authority. Nietrayt is an excellent smooth-talker and suck up, and is able to mend most bridges her sarcasm burns. She is fluid and adaptable, and likes to think of herself as a person who is able to roll with whatever the situation demands.
Nietrayt fervently avoids romantic relationships; she's got enough issues. Harmless flirting is okay, though.


Life on Kezan wasn't perfect, but it was something. Nietrayt was born to a pair of Goblins who dotted on their daughter, much to the embarrassment of their friends and companions. Nietrayt was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic at an early age, and was able to apprentice with her father at his armor shop. She learned the value of moolah, how to suck up to a customer, and the finest grades of leather and scale, both raw materials and finished product.

In her free time, Nietrayt enjoyed watching the Buccaneers play footbomb, hanging out with her friends, and living life.

Then Deathwing came and Kajaro rumbled.

Nietrayt was out at a footbomb game when it all went down. She scrambled to try to get home to find her parents, but wasn't able to surge against the crowds. Knowing her parents would rather see her safe, she rushed to the port to join Trade Prince Gallywix but she couldn't afford his steep prices. Instead, she tried to find her own way off the island.

Panic and mayhem were all around. Looters were pillaging and even killing innocent Goblins as they tried to collect the macaroons to pay off their leader. Nietrayt avoided the scuffles with the Sly's knowledge of the streets. While down along a back alley, she found a crying blue child, who happened to be a sick water elemental. Nietrayt helped Dahee clean her waters and carried the elemental to safety, earning her trust and starting their friendship.
But they still had to get off the island. Dahee wasn't able to grant Nietrayt the ability to swim forever or to breathe underwater, so Nietrayt paid her way onto an untrustworthy ship, just to get off Kezan before Kajaro blew.
The ship was a slaver boat.

For six months, Nietrayt was the perfect little slave, performing all labors with a stiff smile and as much pep as she could. At night, however, she trained with Dahee to learn to be a Shaman. When the slavers landed in Azshara, Nietrayt took the opening and escaped into the landscape. She met up with other survivors and heard the tales of the joining with the Horde and decided to set up shop in Orgrimmar.

Since that time, Nietrayt has worked diligently to become a better Shaman and to make as much money as she can where she can. Her business involves bartering with the elements to transport goods across a broken, war-ridden land. She takes any job, even those that are likely to get her killed. She's working with Dahee to use the water elemental's purified water to cleanse and heal wounds, but it's taking a lot longer than she'd like to admit.

Current Location:



"Stereotypes are crafted by the jealous and only worried about by the bored. I've got no time for nub talk. See, in my line of work, you're friends with everyone, even if they've betrayed you. Just charge them extra, see? So yeah. Stereotypes don't mean anything to me. An Orc isn't going to betray me any faster than a Blood Elf."

"You gonna hire me or what?"

"A client who smiles at a Goblin is gonna stab that Goblin in the back."

"The bigger their smile, the more they'll pay... but the sharper their knife, too."
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