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(( y'ello, Senkul here, figured I'd start posting stories about my troll's past ))

If the island had any name, it was lost to Sen'kul. A tropical rock in the endless blue of the South Seas, a land the Jungle Trolls of the Darkspear called home since their exile from Stranglethorn. A place of relative peace before they were forced to leave with the Horde.

He knew not its location on a map, nor the world beyond the sea. He knew the lay of the land, he knew the trees and the birds, he knew his home.

Apparently not as well as his sister.

As a young Sen'kul crept through the foliage, Mith popped out with a playful roar as she fell on her young brother. Sen'kul had no time to run as he and his sister fell to the jungle floor, he slammed a small fist on the ground as Mith got to her feet with a grin.

"You're it brother!" She exclaimed before running off. Sen'kul wasn't on the ground long. With a growl he was also on his feet, yelling after his sister as he rushed headlong into the dense jungle.

He wasn't the best hunter or tracker, but he played here enough to know where vines lay and roots stuck, allowing him to run without fear of tripping.

"Get back here you brat!" Sen'kul cried in Trollish, a time where there was only one language used by all. He could see his sister's childlike frame slip from tree to tree. She was nimble and quick, but Sen'kul knew it was only a matter of time.

When he broke from the foliage, he saw Mith bent over and panting, facing the beach where the waves broke on the land with foamy water.

Sen'kul lunged, Mith let out a cry as she attempted to move, but to no avail as Sen'kul caught her ankle, causing her to trip and fall into the sand as well.

"Hah! Got you!" He cried.

"Pffft!" Was his sister's elegant reply as she spat a mouthful of sand. Sen'kul grinned as he was already on his feet, brushing loose sand from his body.

"Father won't like it if he knows you two aren't doing chores,"

Sen'kul and Mith perked at the voice and turned to spy Rai'zul, the youngest of the siblings, cautiously walking from the brush. Sen'kul spat on the ground, it made him uneasy when his brother was so cautious or quiet.

"Well he doesn't have to know that now, does he runt?" Sen'kul asked, giving his younger brother a glare. Mith chuckled as she held Sen'kul back.

"Relax little bro, no one is telling on anyone," Mith assured, but Rai'zul eyed Sen'kul nervously.

"I doesn't matter...father wants to see you Sen'kul," Rai'zul stated, causing both Mith and Sen'kul to blink.

"What did I do?! I told him I didn't take Di'du's fish!" Sen'kul exclaimed, Rai'zul merely shrugged his shoulders.

"He didn't tell me why, only that it was important," Rai'zul replied. Sen'kul looked to his older sister, who shrugged in response.

"I guess you better go see him," she suggested. With a defeated sigh Sen'kul slumped his shoulders and made way for the village.


Sen'kul saw his father on the beach before he got to the village. A rather large pen was set up, his father paced around the fence as he checked for loose ends. Sen'kul had seen it used for village displays or tournaments, tests of strength or honor, he wondered what his father was doing with it.

He saw a cage in the middle, but he didn't see the creature inside until he was at his father's side. In later years Sen'kul and his people would come to acknowledge them as murlocs, for now they were simply known as the fish-people. Sen'kul wasn't a judge at such a young age, but he noticed this one was smaller than others he had seen.

His father turned around and looked down on his son, arms crossed as he eyed him up and down.

"What were you doing Sen'kul?" His father asked.

"I was looking for game like you asked fa--"

He didn't finish the sentence as his father's back hand smacked the words from his mouth, the force of the blow nearly knocking Sen'kul off his feet. Sen'kul told himself not to cry as he held a hand to his cheek.

"What did I say about lying?" His father asked.

"...Mith and I were playing," Sen'kul admitted, his father nodded his head.

"What game?" He asked, practically ignoring the caged murloc. It made Sen'kul nervous.

"Just...just tag," Sen'kul stated. He tried to stand taller, not wanting to look worried in front of his father. The Troll snorted as he opened the pen door.

"Tag is a good game I think. Come into the ring with me, son," his father ordered more than asked, Sen'kul obediently followed him in, all the while eyeing the slimy murloc who was thrashing violently against the makeshift cage.

"Do you remember what I told you about play and battle?" His father asked, Sen'kul nodded before responding.

"By playing, we make ourselves stronger, that many of our games help us prepare to be strong fighters!" Sen'kul exclaimed proudly, his father chuckled as he patted him on the head.

"Thats right son. My favorite game was always tag. It teaches us strength alone doesn't lead to victory, you must also be swift and nimble enough to avoid an enemy," his father stated as he walked towards the cage. The murloc let out a gurgling roar and focused its eyes on Sen'kul, viewing him as the weaker opponent. Sen'kul forced himself to stand ground.

"You are going to be playing a little game of tag Sen'kul," his father explained, his hand resting over the peg that held the cage door.

"You let the fish man tag you, you lose," his father stated. Sen'kul looked between him and the murloc, wondering how fast one of them could really run on land.

"Can I ask a question fath--"


On that, his father lifted the peg. The thrashing murloc let out a vicious gurgle as it ran for Sen'kul. With a yelp Sen'kul was on the run, frantically trying to put distance between himself and the raging murloc. He tried to concentrate, looking for any advantage, yet his mind was frantic and good ideas were slow to come.

His father was already out of the pen by the time Sen'kul used the cage as a barrier. The murloc frantically ran back and forth, trying to get the edge on Sen'kul and jump him, the cage kept the murloc at bay, but the small murloc didn't give up as it eyed what it must have thought was an easy meal.

In desperation, Sen'kul pushed the cage, causing it to fall over on top of the murloc. The creature let out a yelp as the bamboo bars crashed into it, yet immediately it started pushing the cage off. Sen'kul ran again, looking for anything to give him an advantage.

He didn't get much time, as he ran he felt something wet and slimy smash into his back. He let out a cry as the murloc tackled him to the ground, and immediately attempted to scratch at his eyes.

Sen'kul held an arm up to defend his face, luckily the creature's claws weren't fully grown, yet still they tore away at his arm. Sen'kul couldn't help but cry out in pain, his arm being shredded to a pulp. Sen'kul couldn't keep his arm up forever, he saw an opening.

He balled his free hand into a fist, and promptly punched the murloc in the gills. The creature let out a pained gurgle and stepped back. As Sen'kul pushed himself up, he grabbed a handful of sand, throwing the dust into the creature's eye. The murloc let out more cries of pain, frantically wiping at the sand in its eyes.

Sen'kul didn't let up, although his left arm hung limply he stepped forward and slugged the murloc again. The creature fell back, trying to move away from the now dangerous opponent. Sen'kul felt a rush as he cried out, he ran for the murloc and threw all of his weight into a tackle. In the fray, he found himself over the flailing murloc.

The creature frantically tried to claw at Sen'kul's stomach, but Sen'kul ignored the pain. He punched the murloc again, and again, and again, and again, he punched until his fists were bloody with the murloc's blood mingling with his own.

Sen'kul didn't realize the creature had stopped resisting, he only stopped punching when he felt strong fingers grab the scruff of his neck. The grip threw him back, Sen'kul yelped as he hit the sand, the grain stinging his exposed arm.

His father stood over him, he looked nonchalantly between his son and the murloc.

"You let the murloc tag you, that means you lost," his father stated. Sen'kul panted heavily, the rush from the battle slowly fading and gave way to pain. Even so, Sen'kul revealed a childish grin.

"I tagged him back," Sen'kul stated. His father chuckled at this, now smiling.

"That you did son, that you did,"

His father held out a hand, Sen'kul gratefully took it and let himself get pulled onto his feet.

"I said I would give this to you on your first kill... well done," his father explained, reaching for his sheath he pulled out a rather gruesome knife. Sen'kul looked in awe at the blade, his good hand trembled as his father handed it over. It felt like the knife was a mighty sword compared to Sen'kul's tiny frame.

"Now go, if I hear you kill anyone, I'll make you regret it," his father stated, glaring deeply at his son.

"I'll make you proud dad," Sen'kul replied. His father nodded curtly, then finally looked to his wounded arm.

"Go get that will hurt like nothing else to let the wound heal on its own," his father ordered. On that Sen'kul shuffled out of the pen, he looked back to the murloc as he walked out. His first kill, not just some beast to be hunted, a real enemy.

Mith was waiting at the gate door. A worried look on her face as she watched Sen'kul leave. Sen'kul merely grinned at her, holding the knife up for her to see.

"Just you see sis, I'll make a great warrior, people will sing stories about my adventures. And father will be proud!"

((More to come! If you're reading I hope you enjoy. ))
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(( These events start in the time between Cataclysm and MoP, and will end around the time of patch 5.3 ))

"So, this is it then? You're just going to walk out on your family? On your people?"

Sen'kul chuckled in response to his father. A younger Sen'kul, with fewer scars who spoke only in his native tongue. He had his arms crossed as he returned his father's scornful stare.

"We have our home back, what more am I to do? Be a glorified guard and spend my days on this island, then when I'm too old to hold a spear tell my children how I stared at the ocean in defense of the Isles? No," Sen'kul stated, reaching out to grab his fearsome knife. His father looked on with more disdain as Sen'kul sheathed the blade.

"You think only of yourself boy. You won't just doom yourself with this bloodlust you know!" His father exclaimed, slamming his fist down on the table. Hefting a simple spear, Sen'kul only grinned.

"You're right, I'm going to doom my enemies and send them straight to Bwonsamdi,"


Sen'kul had to admit, sitting at the front of the canoe, he had missed home. He inhaled deeply to take in the fresh salt water winds, gazing upon the jungle islands with an endless blue sky to pit it against. The Echo Isles wasn't his first home, but in this age it was the closest reminder of his childhood. The sounds of the waves against the coast of Durotar began to lessen, replaced by the cries of the jungle, punctuated by the screech of a young raptor which carried on the winds. After a few years of travelling and fight under the command of foreign mercenary groups...

Yes, it was good to be home.

"We so 'appy to 'ave ja 'ome bruddah!"

Sen'kul looked over to Kaz and smiled, the third youngest out of the many siblings of Sen'kul, who was the second oldest child of the family. The youth was nearly done with his training as a hunter, Sen'kul heard, and had taken a liking to leaving the islands in service of the Horde. Had even taken the time to learn the orcish tongue.

"I wouldn't be speakin too soon for faddah mon," Sen'kul replied in orcish. Kaz merely shook his head.

"Dat not be true mon! Pop be feelin remorseful, don't it tell ja someting 'e wants joo back in 'is last moments?" The brother responded. Sen'kul shrugged and looked back towards the islands. The letter he received was brief, most likely written by one of his sisters who had undergone writing lessons.

Father is sick, come home before it is too late.

It was short, but to the point, the way Sen'kul liked it. Unbeknownst to him, his hand slid over the handle of his knife. Much of his equipment had changed since then, but the knife had always been a part of him.

"So, did joo eva' fig't Deat'wing out in da world?" Kaz asked, causing Sen'kul to turn towards his brother with a grin.

"Do I look like some kinda dragon slaya' to ja mon? I didn't touc' no damn Deat'wing," He stated, causing Kaz to bow his head in embarrassment. Sen'kul turned back to look onto the sea before he spoke again.

"I did fig't a giant," was all he said, enough to spark Kaz's curiosity and ask a string of questions before they reached the isles.


"Sen'kul! Thank Bethekk you made it!" Sai exclaimed in Trollish as Sen'kul and Kaz walked through the door. The second youngest of the siblings dropped her book and jumped out of the chair to hug Sen'kul, who returned the gesture just as fiercely.

"By da loa girl ja grown! W'at da fel are dey--" Sen'kul was cut off as Sai put a hand over his mouth and gestured for silence.

"Father doesn't like to hear Orcish in the house... please be good Sen'kul, its his last wishes," She pleaded. Sen'kul glared, but his hatred was soothed away by Sai's baby raptor eyes.

"His last wishes... It's fair he see Bwonsamdi happy," he mumbled, struggling a bit as he hadn't spoken his native tongue beyond curses in ages. Sai squealed and gave her brother a kiss on the cheek.

"The elders say Sai will be able to shift into animal forms soon!" Kaz stated, also reverting to his native tongue.

"Is that so? You going to be a strong druid eh?" Sen'kul asked, causing Sai to blush.

"Hey! Is that no good sonuva murloc back yet?!"

Sen'kul looked up to witness Bal'ki, the fourth oldest out of eight. Her attire was splattered in blood, as was the hefty chopping axe, but thats not what Sen'kul focused on as he started to laugh.

"Bal'ki? Is that an apron you're wearing?! Ha! Well are you going to make your big brother some dinner then?" He exclaimed with much enthusiasm. Sai looked worriedly at her sister, stepping away to stand near Kaz in the corner. Bal'ki's eyes seethed with anger.

"I ain't making you shit!" She exclaimed as she chucked the axe, Sen'kul felt the weapon nick his ear as it slammed into the wall. He reached up to feel, the top part of his ear was gone. He grinned in response, knowing it would grow back in time.

"I see you've been practicing, very good arm girl," Sen'kul stated as he crossed his arms. Bal'ki stared at Sen'kul, but finally chuckled as she walked over to retrieve her axe.

"I learned from the best, you know before he decided to leave us all behind for glory," she shot as she pried the axe from the wall. Sen'kul bent over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I missed ya too Bal'ki," he said, Bal'ki grinned and punched him in the shoulder.

"Right back at should go to dad's room,"

Sen'kul had been procrastinating that, despite taking the time to return home. With a sigh he patted her shoulder and walked towards his father's room. The sound of Bal'ki shouting at Kaz and Sai to do chores quickly followed.

The room was more somber than he remembered as he pushed the door open. Candles were lit around the bed, his father lay as if half asleep. His mother stood on the left, looking down woefully on her husband. The Troll on the right was Vol'kin, the fifth oldest sibling, adorned in the garb of an apprentice witch doctor. Sen'kul couldn't tell, but it looked like he was checking wards over his father.

Neither looked towards him until he closed the door. He couldn't see Vol'kin's face behind the mask, but his mother's smile seemed to be overcome with relief.

"Thank the loa you made it..." she said, Sen'kul smiled, and was about to return the gesture when he saw a child peek out from behind his mother's robes.

"Is that Tali? By the Loa come out here girl, you've grown!" Sen'kul exclaimed as he bent over. Tali, the youngest sibling ran out giggling and embraced Sen'kul, who wrapped her in his arms and rose to swing her in the air. She laughed playfully as she flew for a few seconds. Sen'kul finally put her down and approached the bed, not before giving his own mother a mighty hug.

"Its been so long Sen'kul...thank you," She whispered. Sen'kul merely nodded and looked over to Vol'kin, who had taken off his mask and was smiling.

"Things aren't the same without you brother, I haven't had much practice healing without you getting yourself hurt," He joked, Sen'kul chuckled in response.

"I'm sure Bal'ki has got you occupied with that..." He stated as the two shook hands.

"So...hows father doing?" Sen'kul asked, Vol'kin had resumed a somber look, taking a deep breath as he was about to speak.

"I can talk for my damn self,"

It was weak, yet seemed to hold authority over everyone in the room. Sen'kul turned to look down, his father's eyes were open, and while his body looked old the eyes were as fierce as ever.

"Oh Vo'kul!" The mother exclaimed as she bent down to hug the weak Troll, who in turn attempted to wrap brittle arms around her.

"I'm fine Sa'ti...I'm fine," he muttered, his eyes still glued on Sen'kul.

"If you all wouldn't mind, I'd like to talk to my eldest son, alone," he stated. Vol'kin looked uneasly between the two, but bowed as he moved over to Sa'ti and Tali, ushering them out and closing the door, leaving father and son alone. Sen'kul didn't say anything, Vo'kul let out a hacking cough before he spoke.

"Thats some fancy armor much blood did you spill to buy it?" He asked. It took all of Sen'kul's control to not shout at the Troll.

"I bought this with clean money father, I did not slaughter a village for it," Sen'kul responded.

"Everyone is a child to someone, I'm sure you killed many children for it," Vo'kul stated right before a coughing fit took him. Sen'kul took the time to place himself at his father's side, bending down to his level.

"I came home to honor you father, not to suffer insults," Sen'kul explained.

"Honor me?! You honored me by abandoning the forge, by leaving your family!" Vo'kul retorted.

"I tried the forge for you and I couldn't!" Sen'kul stated, referring to the time he trained as a blacksmith. His voice gradually rose.

"You lacked patience, but you didn't want to learn quit," Vo'kul replied weakly.

"I c'oose mah own pat' in dis world!" Sen'kul shouted now, unwittingly using the Orcish tongue in his rage.

"Don't you dare sully my moments with a foreign tongue boy! I will die a Troll!" He shouted back, almost as loudly as his son. Sen'kul blinked, then bowed his head in embarrassment. They were silent for sometime before Vo'kul relayed the news.

"You want to know where your brother, Rai'zul is?" The father asked, Sen'kul looked at him with questioning eyes.

"He left...just like you, only, he left for the Zandalari," Vo'kul stated. Sen'kul was shocked, he had fought skirmishes with them when the threat arose. More so for the coin it would bring, and also because his tribe opposed them.

"You're lying, he wouldn't do that!" Sen'kul exclaimed.

"He was heeding your example, he saw his older brother walk out for a life of glory. But he was ashamed to follow the path you took...he wanted to better the Trolls, raise them to a glorious rule. I told him his folly, and he left, just like you did," Vo'kul explained.

"If he's not dead...I will find him, I swear by Bwonsamdi I will," Sen'kul stated. Vo'kul coughed further.

"I hope you see now...who you have doomed Sen'kul...leave me, tell Vol'kin to come back, I'd like to feel clean," his father ordered. With a look of disgust Sen'kul got up and made for the door. Upon opening it he saw his gathered family, looking worriedly at him.


It was getting dark, but Sen'kul didn't care, he sat by the bonfire for warmth as he looked out to the star lit ocean. He used arrows to pin a map to the sand, as he was attempting to gather information on Rai'zul's departure from the locals. He continued to tell himself his younger brother wasn't dead.

"They told me you were out here for hours,"

Sen'kul blinked, and looked over his shoulder. Mith was the oldest child, she was adorned in robes more common to wizards in the outside world than on the Echo Isles.

"Joo just speak Orcish?" Sen'kul asked as he got to his feet. Mith smirked as she approached, the two oldest hugged, it had been a long time.

"I was able to get rid of the accent," she replied, Sen'kul chuckled in response.

"Well aren't joo da smart one..." he stated.

"I always was, you know that," she replied with a grin. With that the two sat side by side on the beach, looking out into the dark ocean and twinkling night sky.

"Did joo just get in den?" Sen'kul asked, Mith nodded in response.

"I wanted to finish some research in Dalaran before coming back," she replied.

"Ah, so dem fancy city people didn't kick ja out yet?" Sen'kul joked.

"Heh, my mojo is too good to be ignored, not to mention my stunning intellect and good looks," she replied.

"Bah, joo startin to sound just like a mage...not sure I like dat," he stated. Mith patted him on the back.

"Its ok, father isn't too big on it either. Then again I'm just his first born daughter, he doesn't really care that I left first," she said, looking over at Sen'kul.

"Dat fool be stuck in da ways. I'm 'ere to 'onah 'im, dats it...did 'e tell joo about Rai'zul?" Sen'kul asked, Mith nodded in response.

"Just that what this is for?" She asked, nodding towards the map. Sen'kul nodded in response.

"I'mma find dat rock 'eaded fool and drag 'im back," Sen'kul stated.

"If he's alive..." Mith responded, causing Sen'kul to sigh.

"If 'es alive...ja,"

"Well, you are going to help me find him," Mith stated, as she pushed Sen'kul away and analyzed the map. Sen'kul blinked at his older sister and grinned.

"And 'ere I was tinking joo would 'elp me," he stated.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night little brother...either way, we will find him," She explained, looking up at Sen'kul with warm eyes. Sen'kul nodded, wrapping an arm around his sister and giving her a quick hug before looking down at the map.

"Ja, we will,"


Rai'zul was waiting outside the hut as Sen'kul emerged. He looked worried.

"You're really going, aren't you?" He asked. Sen'kul sighed, sticking his spear in the ground as he turned towards Rai'zul.

"That I am, it just means you'll be the Troll of the house now. Don't let father push the sisters around," Sen'kul ordered as he placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Mith left for her own thirst for're leaving for your own glory, is there no other reason to leave these islands beyond personal gain?" Rai'zul asked. The accusation enraged Sen'kul, which he expressed by promptly sucker punching Rai'zul, the force of the blow knocking him to the ground. Rai'zul gripped at two daggers on his belt out of instinct, but Sen'kul already had his spear pointed down at him.

"Don't you dare disrespect your older brother. I won't be chained down by father's ignorance. I'm going to see the world, and do what I can. I don't need him, or you judging me," Sen'kul explained, and that was their goodbye. Sen'kul walked off, Rai'zul watched as he paid a fisherman for a ride to the mainland.

Rai'zul stood, rubbing his chin as he watched Sen'kul sail off. All he could think of was the waste. Living so long under the Orcs, that now even when they had a home, the children of the Darkspear were leaving to spill blood in the name of a foreign people.

Rai'zul always looked up to his older brother and sister, but couldn't understand why they could be so they could abandon the Trolls to serve the other races.

He vowed that day, when he left those islands, it would be for a cause that would make his ancestors, his people, even his father proud.
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Precious adrenaline coursed through his veins. The world didn't matter, there was only the dance. Dodge, block, counter, strike, duck, dodge, strike, duck, shift, steps more advanced than any civilized ball. It was the dance of victory and defeat, success and failure, life and death.

It was Sen'kul's ballroom dance.

Sen'kul finished the sparring match with a sweep, sending Bal'ki face down to the dirt. As he mourned the loss of the rush, he crossed his arms and looked down at his opponent with a grin.

"Joo wanna make dat claim again? Ja 'ave ta speak up, I don't tink I can 'ear ja wit dirt in ja mouth," Sen'kul taunted. He looked over to the sidelines, Vol'kin, Kaz, and Tali were watching, Kaz and Tali sharing a childlike smile.

"'ow bout joo all? Can ja 'ear da girl talkin now? Didn't tink so," Sen'kul stated. Vol'kin merely shook his head as he rose, reaching for a crude vial and moving for Bal'ti.

"Just because you know how to fight doesn't mean the "civilized" world hasn't done a number on you brother. I'd bet you don't even remember how to fish," Vol'kin responded as he bent before Bal'ti, talking in his native tongue. Sen'kul scoffed in response.

"Joo be careful mon, I wouldn't want ta damage da only docta dis family got," Sen'kul retorted. He moved to exit the field, until he felt something grab his ankle.

Before he could look down, he felt the hand jerk back, causing him to lose his footing and fall face first into the dirt.

"'ey! Dat be no fair mon!" Kaz yelled from the sidelines. Tali was content to giggle and clap her hands, Vol'kin joined her in a hearty chuckle. When Sen'kul looked back, he saw Bal'ti staring at him with an eye for blood.

"I'm not done wit joo yet ja--"

What was originally going to be followed by a string of curses was cut short, as Sen'kul grinned and kicked her face with his free foot. The string of curses were cut to a choice few as Bal'ti let go and gripped her nose.

"A trick for a trick mon," Sen'kul exclaimed before spitting on the ground. With a sigh Vol'kin kept Bal'ti from fighting further as he worked his healing art.

"Joo going to teac' me 'ow ta fig't like dat bro?!" Kaz asked as Sen'kul approached and grabbed for a towel to wipe the sweat from his unladen body.

"Joo got a gift wit da bow mon, I suggest ja work on dat instead," Sen'kul suggested, obviously disheartened Kaz bowed his head and muttered his agreement.

"Ja broke my nose joo bastard!" He heard Bal'ti yell, he looked behind to see Vol'kin's healing had done a considerable job so far.

"Learn to guard ja face and dat won't 'appen!" Sen'kul yelled back, followed by a chuckle as he wiped his face. Turning back around, he froze when he saw Mith and Sai. Neither looked too happy as they approached.

Sen'kul quickly threw a shirt on, and shouted at Vol'kin and Bal'ti to hurry up as he approached the two sisters.

"Father has called us," Mith stated. This set Sai off, who quickly averted her gaze to the floor, her cheeks already red and eyes watery.

"He wants to say his goodbyes,"


It was a tight fit, putting the family into Vo'kul's room. Sen'kul felt in the way as Vo’kul said his piece, to each and every single child starting with Mith and down to Tali. No one questioned why he skipped Sen'kul. Lastly, he called for his wife.

"Sa'ti...Sa'ti...come to me," he groaned. The last few days had changed him physically. He barely spoke higher than a whisper, and his sight had gotten worse and worse, as if the soul was anxious to leave his body behind. Tears in her eyes, Sa'ti came to him, resting her head on his chest as she let out soft sobs.

"You... you will get past this. You are strong, you have strong children, I go on but the family will be strong. Remember this, Sa'ti, and know... that I love you,"

"Oh, Vo'kul!"

The two embraced in a hug as the children watched on. Some somber, others crying softly, as if anything higher than a whimper would ruin the moment. Sen'kul bowed his head, making sure no one saw him wipe a rogue tear from his eye.

When his parents finished, the father addressed the family.

"When you leave this room...I will be no more, you all know my wishes and they are final. I love you all... and always know, I will be right up there with the Loa...watching over you all," he finished, and with that everyone took turns saying their goodbyes. Vol'kin was to stay as the Witch Doctor who would see him off. As Sen'kul was about to leave, his father stopped him.

"Sen'kul...come to me, my son."

Sen'kul turned to blink as the rest of the family shuffled out. He didn't expect anything from him, he wasn't even told the special ceremony he intended to undergo. With prompting from Vol'kin, he moved to the Troll's bedside and bent down, straining to hear his words.

"You... perhaps, did not turn out to be how I imagined you would, growing up back on the Isles before the Horde. I imagine a different," his father coughed. Sen'kul tried his hardest to keep his temper in check.

"Perhaps... whats done is done father, and I have no regrets," Sen'kul replied, his father scoffed.

"Of course you don't... before I go, I just want to say... despite what’s happened, there is still a special place for you in my heart. I only wanted what was best for you, for the family. Even now it pains me to leave you on these terms, but thats how it is," he stated, Sen'kul nodded in agreement.

"Thats how it is," he repeated. His father went into another coughing fit before he spoke again.

"I saw...the knife at your belt, I would like to see it one last time," his father stated. Sen'kul gripped the knife at his belt and slid it out of the sheathe. Sen'kul had made modifications to the hilt, had the metal strengthened, it had originally belonged to his grandfather, who passed it down to his father, who passed it down to the first born son.

His father analyzed the blade, checking every crevice, every length of metal. For the first time in his life, Sen'kul saw his father shed a tear.

"Sen'kul, my first son... of all the regrets I may have for you... giving you this blade isn't one of them," his father said, and this time Sen'kul didn't bother to wipe the few tears that fell down his cheek. His father feebly held the knife out to him, and looked him dead in the eyes.

"My son... I want you to send me off,"

The room fell silent, Sen'kul stared in shock at his father. He looked up at Vol'kin, who was equally shocked, his father didn't avert his gaze from Sen'kul's eyes.

"You're asking me to kill my own? To kill my blood and flesh?!" Sen'kul stated, now getting up and backing away.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, please...send me to Bwonsamdi, give my spirit rest. It is time I go, I shall do so on my own terms. Please... let my last moments be a true death, I don't want to fight my body any longer...please..."

His father trailed off as another coughing fit took him. This time blood splattered the bed. He fell back into his bed, too weak to talk, looking to Sen'kul with pleading eyes.

"Thats... father merely told us his plan was to finish things today...he didn't say like this," Vol'kin stated. Sen'kul looked over to him in disbelief, then to the knife that, despite his state, Vo'kul held firmly.

"You.. you can't mean to, can you? I know this is father's wish but... look. No one else has to know, we...we can walk out, he doesn't have long, perhaps it would be better if he died in peace..."

Sen'kul barely heard his brother, now he returned his father's stare. This wasn't a final act of desperation, a final strike against his hated son. His father was a hunter, at times a warrior, and it was that bond that they both shared, the bond that made Sen'kul understand. If he had to die.. just to feel again, the thrill, the sensation,

The Rush.

Sen'kul bent and ripped the knife from his father's feeble hand. He couldn't tell if his father was smiling or not, he lifted the knife high in the air, and with a ferocious battle cry plunged the steel into his father's chest.

He pushed through flesh, he ignored the breaking of bones, he just knew when the family blade had reached the heart. Only now did he look over to his father, wide eyed, mouth gaping, so long bed ridden and he finally looked alive.

Sen'kul let the lifeblood spurt onto his skin. Vol'kin looked in shock and horror as Sen'kul twisted the blade, digging it further, causing more blood to spill on his body. When Sen'kul was finally sure the last semblance of life was gone. He stood, he left the knife in his father's chest for now. His business was done, yet he still had one last promise to uphold for father.


No one spoke to Sen'kul. Not out of hatred, perhaps out of sympathy. Either way, he watched as the family lowered the mummified body into the ground. He had cleaned up, the knife back in its sheathe, he had re-adorned his armor.

Mith stood at his side, when the last few days she had reverted to more tribal wear she had resorted back to the robes of a magi.

"So, are you ready to find Rai'zul?" She asked, Sen'kul nodded.

"You know...this won't be quick. I finished any affairs in Dalaran, I suggest you take the time to do so before we head out. If you like I can open a portal to your place of mind, let you finish whatever you are working on,"

Sen'kul had thought about it. To return to Silvermoon, tell his boss the events that had unfolded, that he would not be present for a long while.

The comm at his belt started to crackle as a message came through. Without a second thought he lowered his hand and turned the machine off.

"We do w'at we 'ave to do Mith. No ting else matta's," he stated. Mith merely nodded as she and Sen'kul turned back towards to the ceremony. They watched as the dirt was thrown over the mummified corpse, and his spirit free to leave the mortal realm.

"For father,"
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Sen'kul whistled out of boredom as the tiny boat sailed close to the coast. Laid back near the edge, his bare hand moving through the water, it had only been a few hours and Sen'kul was starting to get bored out of his mind.

Mith sat across from him, occupying herself with a tome from Dalaran. Sen'kul couldn't read the cover, he bothered very little with words beyond a basic knowledge of letters.

Kaz was uncommonly silent as he steered the ship, bringing along what fish he caught to sell in Ratchet. Sen'kul could guess why, the other siblings were just as let down. When he and Mith told the family about their plan to track down Rai'zul, most everyone wanted to come along for the ride. Between the two oldest siblings and their mother's authority, the other children agreed to stop speaking on the subject. That didn't stop Kaz from giving the two solemn looks as he brought them to Ratchet.

"For the love of...could you please stop whistling? It's driving me crazy," Mith stated. Sen'kul opened one lazy eye, raising his eyebrow with one final, long, low toned whistle. Mith rolled her eyes before bring her book back up.

"So...'ow long joo plan on stayin' in Ratchet?" Kaz asked, looking for a break to interrupt the silence. Sen'kul contained a chuckle as he looked to Mith, who barely contained her annoyance as she put the tome down.

"Hopefully not too long. Once we find what ship he left for and where, we'll head immediately for the next port," Mith explained. Kaz nodded somberly.

"I was 'opin' we could take some time ta enjoy da town. Dem Goblins light da palce up at night and da bar gets real wild!" Kaz stated enthusiastically. Mith gave her younger brother a coy smile.

"Before I left, didn't mother say she didn't like you in the company of Goblins?" Mith asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh she's just be stuck in 'er ways joo know! I bet bro 'ere be friends wit' alotta Goblins! Right bro?" Kaz asked. Sen'kul snorted as he awoke from his half dozing state.

"Huh? Ja ja plenty of buddies working fa da Steamwheddle Cartel. 'ad lot of Goblin bosses too...I tell ja joo eva' get work out of da isles, find a lady Goblin for a boss, dey be fun as fel," Sen'kul stated. Kaz grinned at his brother and nodded enthusiastically. Mith was not as amused.

"I'd take that with a grain of salt Kaz, I'm sure Sen'kul would prefer anything as a woman. To the point I'd rather not touch him with a ten foot pole," Mith said with a grin. Sen'kul shrugged, and started whistling loudly, shutting out whoever might protest it.


"W'at do joo mean I can't stay?!" Kaz asked. Mith gave him her best stern look as she crossed her arms.

"You sold your fish, the money isn't going to do anyone good if you spend it all at the tavern," Mith stated. Kaz gave a distressed look to Sen'kul, who merely shrugged in response. In truth he wanted to jump right into his search, not baby sit Kaz. Even so he felt bad when his brother hung his head in dismay.

"I guess...joo both stay safe den, joo betta' be back soon!" He proclaimed. Mith smiled and hugged him as they said their goodbyes. Sen'kul gripped his forearm and gave him a nod, telling him to take care of mother before his brother sailed off with his earnings.

"Da kid did just wanna spend sometime wit' us...we only been back w'at a week?" Sen'kul spoke as the two moved for the port. Mith let out a low sigh as she pulled out a piece of parchment, Rai'zul's portrait scrawled on the paper.

"The last thing mother needs now is to worry about more of her children away from home," Mith replied. Sen'kul agreed with a grunt before looking out towards the ships. Which one had taken his brother? And did it get him to his location safely? What if he was at the bottom of the great sea...

"Sen'kul! Are you listening to me?" Mith seemed to shout over the hustle of the city. Sen'kul snorted as he looked back to her.

"We'll have to start with the dockmaster with our questions. If we don't find a source today we may have to wait till another ship docks," Mith explained. Sen'kul chuckled as he swiped the parchment from her.

"We'll be on a boat outtah 'ere wit da next tide sis. I got connections dat can 'elp us out," Sen'kul explained, as he had joined with many outfits in his time from this port, a few with ship connections.

"Watch your step brother, the type you associate with aren't known for their honesty. And I won't regret blasting two timing contacts if I have to," she said. Sen'kul raised his hands in surrender and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Joo want to find Rai'zul? This gonna be da quickest way, mah source knows everyting about da port. Might be able to even get us on a ship outta 'ere if she feelin' nice..." Sen'kul explained as he began to walk into the crowded streets.

"She....oh by Thrall's beard you screwed her didn't you?" Mith asked. Sen'kul replied with a hearty whistle as he made for the seedy part of town.
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