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Hello mercenary types!

I’ve found another fantastic asset for Kezz & Co. Industries. A mine located in the Twilight Highlands of all places! Well, I just need you big strong mercenary types to go, ya know, secure the spot.

The mine’s pretty far south. You’ll know the area when you see it… it being all spiky and oozing raw evilness. It was the old Twilight’s Hammer citadel.

Just a warning (because I’m so nice!): the Mo’grosh ogres from Loch Modan were turned Twilight during the Cataclysm’s early months. They got smart and they got tough… and its them who’s currently got the mine. They’re there with a small army of dwarves that they’ve enslaved. Rumor is they’ve got something cooking at the base of the facility too. Might want to handle that while you’re down there.

Hugs and kisses,


Commander’s note: I’ve heard of this mine. The Dragonmaw used to speak of it while I was stationed at the Bloodgultch under Daguluaga’s order. The mine is known as the Elementium Depths… named after the elementium that fills it. Elementium is possibly the hardest metal to ever exist on Azeroth and beyond. It is said that the Destroyer was practically made of elementium in his final days and while he wore plates of the metal… he was invulnerable.



The KMG have been dispatched in an effort to secure one of the only mines in all of Azeroth that contains veins of elementium.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

This event’s pretty simple. Charge into the mine and clear the way down. The purple runes imprinted on the ground throughout the mine, when stepped on, summon an elemental spirit with 3 health that ambushes the mercenaries. Try to avoid those!

At the base of the mine is a fire elemental called Incendial trapped in place by the Mo’grosh ogres. You can either break the seal by overcharging it, which will allow the elemental to do as it pleases (it teleports away with an UNKOWN agenda)… or you can attack it and send it back to the Firelands.

If you attack it, Incendial’s seal falters after one full turn of attacks and shatters. You fight the elemental. He’ll have 18 health. When the boss rolls a 10 in attacking, it does 3 damage instead of the typical 2. This represents it burning the target

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