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#8163508 Jul 20, 2013 at 12:38 AM
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At the Trials of Tholmai, only the baby Goldenleaves alt understands how a sidecar works:

A tragically poignant moment during the Invar Productions mission in Kara:

We made quick work of heroic Ragnaros:

Eadwig successfully transplants portions of Vericesely's brain.
Step one: Distract her with a sheep:

Step two: The nitty gritty sciency stuff:

Step three: Profit?

The Minders infiltrate the KMG to retrieve Trevor.
Look how seamlessly the rogues blend in:

Nothing at all suspicious about these orcs:

The Minders unmasked and Trible pays for the privilege of getting his hands on Trevor:

Trevor tries to justify his actions:

Luckily Hedva provides a last minute stay of execution. Unfortunately for Trevor, she also grants Trible's request to demote Trevor to underling and to be appointed as his mentor:

Tuliverine's mentor task: A lecture about the Royal Apothecary Society.
Sanice is on the edge of her seat with excitement while Squig watches the door.

The excited audience and Eyselite providing her own special brand of (non)support:
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From the recent Scythe meeting to report on the status of the rebellion:

Selama Ashalanore meets at the Shrine to discuss a mysterious letter:

Coincidentally, the Scythe is there for the same reason:

The two groups soon discover the Kalimdor Mercenaries who summoned them there to discuss the state of the Horde and the need to take action against Hellscream:

Looking over the devastation in the Vale of Eternal Sorrows:

The leaders of the three groups come to an agreement (deja vu, anyone?):

And now, on a lighter note, supertiny!Arariel and supertiny!Siderite frolic on the Timeless Isle. Better hope MINE and Lil' Tarecgosa don't get hungry!

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So this happened last night and was perfect timing.

#8560847 Oct 10, 2013 at 11:52 PM
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From our recent plaguing activities in Outland:

Garadar got the worst of it:

Even Thrall's granny got hit:

As for this guy who looks suspiciously like Garrosh in his youth...

He's little more than a face in the plague cloud:

And then not even that:

Eadwig brought super-charged plague grenades:

And when we were done, the world was a sparklier place:

T-dawg's opinion on mumble:
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How Scythe prepares for missions.

Scythe meeting our elf who needed an escort to some manor in Hillsbrad.

Invar being a 'Steed'. He was paid with elf hands after.

Our noble elf may have been life gripped into water some how...

The Seekers disturbed a loa in the Amani crypts!

Delicious mage cake!

Warforged Shenanigans in BRD, Burt is the new princess for the Dark Irons.

Hedva knighting Sashi and Burtlan. Please refer to Knight Princess Burtlan in gchat by title, she will be upset if you don't.

Strakk and Azraila representing at the server costume contest by Shaysinn. Strakk was a humble tauren and got second, and Azraila got first as the bride of Frankensnizzle.

KMG premission prep! Somehow a lot of us rented rams...

KMG going to look for some dwarves, but finding wildkin instead.

KMG faces off with the unbound elemental - FROSTILICIOUS. We won.

Warlock shenanigans, plus an Invar...

Eyselite and Eadwig find a candle collection.

Eadwig being creepy.

Technology is complex for taurens, even if it is just a helmet.

Plague, plague everywhere!

When you give a voidwalker a cookie...

Invar's event with riddles and boxes.

Noctarcana's pet battle at the Darkmoon Faire!

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I found this gem while sorting screenshots...
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Gutsiest move ever.
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I found some old screenshots I'd never posted.

First off - Drakes!!!

On a boat in a storm? May as well fly some kites:

Elarien and Eyselite turn into slimes in ICC (there's an oozeling hiding in there somewhere):

Things get a little crazy in Kara. Nucifara can even float:

Tuliverine does all the work while Lindey and Eyselite spend the entire dungeon hiding behind giant targets:

During our fun and games nights, Eyselite manages to fall from really, really, really high up and land in a tree:

There's no need for her to be so dismissive of the concept:

From Tuliverine's first rescue in the Forge of Souls:

The results were a little less than satisfactory:

During the final showdown with Eadwig, he takes a moment to throw out a bunch of insults:

Ofelia kindly provides Hirrus with a snack:

And thanks to tons of help from people, I finally finished Tarecgosa's staff on my off-server mage:

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This one time, at Ooze Camp...
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All aboard the Seeker Train!
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I rolled a 2 and Nuci wouldn't hush.

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