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Scythe Character Roster.

Please reply to the original post and add the information for your own Scythe toons.
This is to be a short summary of the information about your toon, this is not to take the place of the longer character introduction posts.

The requested information includes:

Character Name
Outside Affiliations - the groups outside of the Scythe that the character is involved in. For example: the Deathguard, Deathstalkers, and the RAS.
What skills does he/she have?
Brief description of appearance
Who he/she is - This is more detailed than the other entries. Please make this several sentences or longer. Include anything pertinent to your character's story. How they lived and died. Their personality, their motivations.
Who was their Scythe mentor?

Feel free to add in an extra section for anything else that you feel important to the description of your character.


Please copy the following and paste it in your response, and fill in the answers.

Outside Affiliations:
Who he/she is:
Mentored By:

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Name: Hedva Deathborne
Outside Affiliations: None
Skills: Hitting things with blades and blunt objects
Appearance: Typically seen wearing a full set of red plate armor and carrying multiple weapons. When she removes her helm, it reveals a mop of dirty blond hair and a youthful face.

Who she is: Born to a military family, Hedva was raised to be a soldier in Stormwind’s army. Killed by the Forsaken and resurrected by the Val’kyr, she merely picked up her sword and kept going, fighting on the side of her new people. Short tempered and with little humor - Hedva does what she thinks is necessary to safeguard the Scythe and the Forsaken. She prefers straight forward plans and solving problems with her sword.

Mentored by: Rasmorden Winterblight

Name: Theodore Lindey
Outside Affiliations: The Royal Apothecary Society
Skills: Alchemy and chemistry, ability to call the Light and control the Shadow
Appearance: Tall, gaunt, and completely bald - he seems little more than a skeleton with skin stretched over it. His hands are kept wrapped in bandages and have an acrid smell of burnt linen and charred flesh.

Who he is: In life he was a teacher and a priest for the Church of the Holy Light, and he died selflessly trying to help evacuate Lordaeron ahead of the undead plague. The memories of being scourge left him damaged and unstable, and rarely willing to leave the confines of the Undercity. He is obsessed with his ability to wield the Light even as it is slowly destroying him.

Mentored By: Lupulin Deathnoose

Name: Wrenton 'Wrent' Levoy
Outside Affiliations: None
Skills: Thieving, spying, gem cutting
Appearance: Completely average and physically unimpressive. Half the skin in his face is burnt away, leaving him blind on his right side.

Who he is: Wrent is a man with few good ideas and even worse luck.

Mentored By: --


Name: Eadwig Rusk
Outside Affiliations: RAS
Skills: Explosives, Science, Fel magics and soul work.
Appearance: Always masked it is unsure what his natural features are. His garb always is ornate and intimidating in some fashion and tends to be well maintained. A skull with a gem embedded in it is always chained to him. Weapons vary.
Who he is: Eadwig was raised in an orphanage. He dabbled with science and magic, and fell into tutelage with a warlock who trained him in the basic skills. Eadwig married and worked as a tinkerer until his taste in magical arts was discovered. Eventually he was captured and thrown in the Lordaeron dungeons for dealing with demons, and was still there when Lordaeron was ransacked by Falric and Marwyn after the Kings death. Eadwig despises the living, feeling they are a threat to the Forsaken and their goals. While ultimately a selfish egotistical megalomaniac, Eadwig does have a distorted code of honor and pride and leads him to work with other Forsaken toward what he feels their goals should be.

Mentored By: Hedva Deathbourne

Name: Evallei Miller
Outside Affiliations: Cult of the Forgotten Shadow
Skills: Basic skills with the Light, though recently she has trained extensively and excelled at mental and shadow magics.
Appearance: Wearing various robes of her own craftsmanship she still tries to take some pride in her rotted appearance. She generally wields a staff with green fire on the top. Her empty sockets and patchy hair give the deceased young a sad hallowed look.
Who she is: Evallei was born to a merchant family and was killed in the plaguing of Southshore. Conflicted with her new existence she has thrown herself into her work as a member of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. While she recruits, counsels and over all preaches about the glory of the Forsaken and advances within the cult, she harbors doubts about her current life and the goals of Sylvanas though she voices them to no one.

Mentored By: Lorco, and it currently searching for a new one.


Name Ethan Trible

Outside Affiliations: The Gatecrashers

Skills: Blacksmithing, Mining, Eating Worgen

Appearance: His signature is his custom metal jaw. and is usually wearing bulky blue armor.

Who he/she is: A Sergeant in the Alliance military, he was married to his job, moving from post to post. During the Battle of Andorhal. His jaw was torn off by an Abomination Hook, he later died of his injuries. After he was raised, he found his inability to feel pain advantageous in combat, resulting in brazen and often brash tactics in combat, notably, tearing off a Draenei's arm and beating it to death with it. He is often found eating a Worgen haunch, which he keeps in his gear bag.

Mentored By: Trevor Warsoth


Name: Jaythen Pace, "Mocking Jay"

Outside Affiliations: None, really. Jaythen keeps to herself -- she has the occasional run-in with another group or so, but not much else beyond that.

Skills: Besides being a rogue of course, one of her IC skills is poisoncraft. She loves finding newer and better ways to torture, maim, and kill. OOCly, her professions are engineering and mining.

Appearance: Mismatched armor most of the time, simple (but deadly) weapons strapped to her hips with various throwing knives and pouches attached to her legs. She's taken to remaining hooded unless in the company of people she trusts.

Beneath the hood, her face is all sharp lines and angles -- harsh, even, skin pulled back tightly against her bones. The flesh has begun to rot, leaving her jaw and teeth exposed.

Who he/she is: A Rogue, seeking to become a Deathstalker. She doesn't quite know what to do with herself as of right now -- she follows the Scythe, because it gives her direction. She follows her mentor, because he's knowledgeable in what he does.

Mentored By: Ickthid


Character Name: Eyselite

Outside Affiliations: Royal Apothecary Society, Research and Development division

What skills does he/she have? Master alchemist and herbalist. Eyselite also has warlock skills that she rarely demonstrates around others, outside of the conjuring of simple fel flame.

Brief description of appearance: Small, weak, fragile and nonthreatening. Large patches of skin have rotted away from each cheek. Eyselite's unkempt grayish blonde hair is usually tucked under her Dapper Chapeau. She acquires dresses from corpses or study subjects and wears them until they're little more than rags. Eyselite is always covered in green ooze.

Who he/she is: Eyselite was a young woman when she died to the tainted grain. She has no memories from her previous life and believes that undeath is a superior state to the living. She has spent much of her considerable time as a Forsaken in the Apothecarium, rarely traveling beyond Tirisfal. Despite her skills as an alchemist, her fellow apothecaries tend to treat her as a subordinate, which causes her considerable frustration. Eyselite is most content when working in her laboratory on her potions and concoctions. Her ultimate goal is to recreate a plague of undeath to create new Forsaken. She has turned to the study of demonic energy to further this goal. An unexpected side effect of one of her experiments resulted in the creation of her companion, the oozeling, a semi-sentient, self-propelled fel globule.

Who was their Scythe mentor? The Nothing

Character Name: Noctarcana

Outside Affiliations: The Darkmoon Faire

What skills does he/she have? A dedicated con artist and performer. Noctarcana is a skilled knife-thrower, flame eater and acrobat. She's also a master of disguises and dialects, and an excellent forger despite being functionally illiterate.

Brief description of appearance: Tall, rangy and still in relatively strong physical condition. Her clothing tends towards either worn, dirt-colored leathers or flamboyant costumes. A crude tattoo of a heart surrounds a stitched gash on her chest. Noctarcana always keeps her face covered.

Who he/she is: An orphan from Stormwind, Noctarcana learned to support herself through grifting, elaborate cons, and occasionally outright theft. Over time, her repertoire expanded to include street performances, which provided her first legitimate income. Noctarcana joined a series of faires and carnivals which provided a good base for her activities, legal and otherwise. Noctarcana was killed by a jealous partner who threw a knife into her heart in the middle of a performance. Risen by the Val'kyr, Noctarcana is trying to figure out how to adapt her lifestyle to her new state of being.

Who was their Scythe mentor? Ickthid


Name: Tuliverine (formerly Tolliver Grey)

Outside Affiliations: Nothing formal, but if the Forsaken had an official diplomatic service, he'd be a prominent member. Rarely found in the Undercity, Tuliverine is frequently sent all over Azeroth, on behalf of his people, to parley with any and all sentient races--usually other members of the Horde, but he's dealt with centaurs, elementals, and one one memorable occasion, murlocks. ("You'd be amazed at how extensive their vocabulary is.") He actively seeks out opportunities to mix with the Alliance races--"Sheer curiosity--how do dwarves manage to consume a greater volume of beer than their own skins will hold?--if you punch a gnome in the face, does he thank you?--do night elves ever go mad from having to listen to those damned flutes all day?" Even in such encounters, he avoids hostility as much as possible, since that's usually the end of the conversation; one of his favorite aphorisms is "A fight is a lost opportunity."

Skills: Diplomacy. Tuliverine is soft-spoken, sharp-witted, and--unusual, for a Forsaken--charming. His interest in cultural exchange is fueled in part by his interest in technology; he has long maintained that the Royal Apothecary Society has far too much of an intellectual monopoly among his people, and that the Forsaken would be better served in expanding their research to mechanics. (As a first-hand witness to the Wrathgate incident, Tuliverine has an unspoken but deep antipathy for the RAS, and does not believe that what he calls 'the Putress doctrine' has been expunged from the organization.) He has mastered goblin engineering and found it wanting, and believes that the Forsaken need to develop their own strain of the discipline. As a supplement to his private interest in engineering, he's also a metallurgist.

Appearance: Tuliverine has done all he can to minimize the dual blows of death and fel magic to his appearance. He has had a full head of hair and a full set of teeth implanted, and regularly corrects gashes and sags with small self-performed surgeries. The results are not, to put it kindly, consistent; though, as he points out, the effort is obvious, and the living races appreciate that much at least. What he can't correct, he covers up--though he always leaves his face exposed: "I've nothing to hide--I don't want to look like I do." Like most Forsaken, he favors dark colors.

Who he/she is: A former schoolmaster, and current warlock. ("The skills demanded of each profession are not as distinct as you'd think.") Unlike most warlocks, he is surprisingly--even comically--unambitious in matters of demonic power; fel magic is his job, not his passion. ("My passion is reading, which I can't do with an imp gabbling in my ear. I know how to kill most things, and that's enough to be getting on with. Enjoy your search for green fire--I'll be back here, acting like an adult.")

When the Lich King fell, Tuliverine was one of the Forsaken who began to actively--and controversially--lobby for building stronger ties to the other races of the Horde. (Indeed, he suspects that several of his diplomatic assignments were merely pretenses to get him out of the Undercity and away from any Forsaken who might listen to his arguments. He cites the loss--and the recovery--of the Undercity as support for his position. ("We set out to kill the world, and instead we lost our home, our pride, and the lives of too many of our citizens. Then some of the very people we tried to kill fought--for us--to win back what we'd lost. I think the whole 'the living are our inevitable enemies' notion was soundly disproven that day, no? We believe the world wants to get rid of us--and maybe they do. For now. But why should we let the world define us? We Forsaken are who are because we've made our own way. Why stop now? If the Scourge shows anything, it's that trying to destroy the world has a way of creating unbeatable champions to defend it. Why fight those champions? Why not join them instead? If the world doesn't like us, let's make it need us. Let's take away the power of the world to define us as monsters--let's force it to [i]love[i] us.")

To that end, he has made it his business to develop acquaintances, then ties, then friendships with members of other races, knowing that the more he succeeds in this process, the more he proves himself right about the future of his people. ("Besides, I'd rather swap tales with a Tauren or bloody rum with a troll than sit at home and listen to some whiny corpse complain about losing her toenails to the rats.")

Mentored By: Eyselite.


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Name: Baedirin Ephalia the Willfully Lost (Baedirin)

Outside Affiliations: None

Skills: the Light

Appearance: Entirely fleshless. She is tall and willowy. She leans heavily, due to her age at death, but is still quite tall regardless. Her hair is long and bright gold.

Who he/she is: She is a Light wielder, though she does not press her beliefs on anyone. She will be kind and bless those who wish it, but is true neutral when it comes to her own beliefs. She died at the age of sixty two, a happy woman with a husband and children. Her disposition carried on into her undeath, and she mostly wanders now, blessing and healing those who ask.
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Name: Countess Viktoria Velikaya

Outside Affiliations:

Current: None.
Former: Kirin Tor, Royal Society of Nobles, and the Northgate Rebellion.

Skills: Fire! More specifically she is versed in fire that deals primarily with incineration and immolation. She was trained originally by a Kirin Tor mage in the practice of fire magic, however she has delved into the use of demonic flame, and using demons to augment her fire.

Appearance: Countess Viktoria Velikaya stands not a hair over five feet tall, her body is small and petite. Her face is small, young and without many signs of decomposition other than the aged looked and the wrinkles of dead skin. Across her face are scatterings of scars, appearing blotchy on her skin. Her eyes are like most Undead but glow eerily with a twinge of green. Black hair sprouts from her scalp and is in disarray, slopping and falling at all sides. It appears that it has not seen a comb in years, and often Viktoria raises her hand to push away a stray strand of hair from her eyes. The clothes she wears vary wildly and often seems like a random choice on any given day. The only constants are that her hands are always covered by gloves or wrapped with bandages, hiding the charred flesh underneath. She also always has a small tea kettle hanging from her belt on a small clasp, along with four tea cups.

Who he/she is: Viktoria was the daughter of a noble family within the Kingdom of Gilneas. She inherited her title from her parents when they were killed as part of the Northgate Rebellion. She was persecuted against because of what her family did, but also because the people within her town saw her as odd, strange, and most certainly a witch. When the mod swept at her house to take her to trial, she lit the protesters on fire and along with it her family estate. She died in the resulting fire and was buried in the cemetery of Gilneas outside the city walls in a mass grave. The Forsaken would later conquer the kingdom and used Vrykul to wake the Countess from her slumber.

Viktoria possesses many oddities. She is absolutely obsessed with fire, and does anything she can to make more powerful, hotter, better fire, at any cost. Tea is also a lesser obsession, and is always at any moment willing to brew a cup and enjoy the sweet taste, even if her senses are dulled in death. Following that vein, she often is eating something; her current favorites are apples and Panderan Steak on a Stick. Often her behavior is disrespectful, often not caring what she says and always offers a cup of tea to any insulted party in a vain attempt to smooth things over.

Mentored By: Mister Burtlan.
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Name: Burtlan Leach
Outside Affiliations: None
Skills: Inscription, Herbalism, and general magery.
Appearance: Gradually wasting away, Burtlan is extremely wiry, though it is usually covered by his robes. His eyesockets are completely empty with no glow to be seen. His robes are usually just a touch too long, and as such, usually covered in dirt, mud or sand at the edges.
Who he/she is: In life, Burt was a blind man. In Undeath, Burt is a blind man with magical powers.
Mentored By: Jaythen

Name: Seeker
Outside Affiliations: The Ebon Blade, and probably a number of very shady characters.
Skills: Tearing people into small people bits, armor and weapons crafting, runework, general DK creepiness.
Appearance: Always covered in heavy armor, it's difficult to tell what shape she's truly in. Her face is occasionally taken out of the helmets she wears--the decay around her mouth and cheeks makes it appear that she is always grinning, and she is constantly dripping some sort of black fluid from her mouth.
Who he/she is: Seeker is a seasoned soldier, bounty hunter, and all around something of a wrecking ball. She doesn't believe in giving quarter, and has unshakable loyalty to the Forsaken. She isn't fond of jokes, though there are exceptions. She is a woman of action, through and through.
Mentored By: None

Name: Jathell "Jathers" Sanders
Outside Affiliations: Excellent question!
Skills: Slicing and dicing, sneaking, creeping, spying, scouting, espionage.. all the fun lurky things.
Appearance: Jathers keeps his armor in excellent condition, much like his hair. He doesn't like to be out of said armor, and even typically covers his face.
Who he/she is: Jathers is an excessively vain, greedy man. Much of his focus is dedicated to earning coin, which he simply hoards in various locations. As long as you're the highest bidder, you have his loyalty. At least until the coin runs out.
Mentored By: None
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Name: Hirrus Callabryn
Outside Affiliations: None
Skills: Hitting things, getting hit by things, and hitting things again. Getting Back Up. Transmutation hobbyist.
Appearance: A walking corpse. The muscular bulk he had in life can be seen in his frame, but he's covered in scars, stitches, and still-untreated wounds. He usually keeps himself well-protected by plate armor, though his current suit is getting increasingly battered by the day. His clawlike hands are functional, but in horrible condition, covered in scratches, nicks, and bloodstains. He is missing his lower jaw.
Who he is: Hirrus believes very strongly in personal strength, and personal freedoms, even though he also believes firmly in respect for command structures. His embrace of undeath and his devotion to Sylvanas leads many to believe he's Val'kyr raised, but he actually was raised into the service of the Lich King during the Third War. He is an excellent soldier, and does a fairly good job of hiding his disdain for those who base their strength on their ability to call upon and direct outside forces. In combat, his body still seems to produce adrenaline, either causing him to revel in the Thrill of battle, or struggle to maintain his composure.
Mentored By: Trible
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Name: Hectur Banebreath

Outside Affiliations: The Ebon Blade (former)

Skills: Mastery in the use of his death knight powers of unholy, frost, and blood. Raising the dead (although he prefers to fight foes himself). Combat with many different weapons (prefers his spear, which gives him long reach), including things that are not weapons, like a dead cat. Being insane, committing murder, riding his special death knight pony, flying his undead gryphon named James, torturing (although can sometimes kill too fast), walking on water (with the aid of his powers), being scary, writing messages in blood, collecting specific body parts and speaks common, forsaken, and orcish.

Hectur wears a near full set of purple plate armor, like the kind you see on some death knights or scary dudes. He is rarely seen without his purple hooded cloak, and he keeps the hood on almost all the time, his frost blue eyes the only thing that can be seen of his face. When he does remove the hood, his face looks surprisingly not as hideously scarred as one would expect. He has balding blackish greyish hair. His weapon of choice is his wicked looking spear, the origin of which remains unknown. He occasionally uses a dagger.

Who he is: Hectur's past is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he was born and killed in Lordaeron, later died a second time and became a death knight, fought in the war in Northrend, killed many in the Horde and Alliance war, and joined in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Currently a member of the Scythe.
Obsessed with slaughter, this death knight thrives in murder and death, often killing what he pleases as long as it is not restricted by his queen. He makes use of his blood, frost, and unholy abilities, switching often between melee or ranged attacking, committing murder in unique ways. Although he knows necromancy, he prefers to fight himself, but does call upon the assistance of his undead gryphon, who he named James. Hectur is also questionably insane, often chatting about things at really inappropriate times, and babbling to himself in his head, or out-loud. If bored enough, he'll start killing rats, or eat things out of his bag. Despite his possible lunacy and love for murder, he is steadfastly loyal to his queen.

Mentored by:
Eadwig Rusk

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Name: Wormgut

Outside Affiliations: Royal Apothecary Society, Cult of Forgotten Shadow (both loosely)

Skills: Proficient in firearms and crossbows, domination and taming of beasts, animal husbandry. Novice in siegecrafting and engineering.

Appearance: Wormgut is usually seen in dull mail armor that marks him as a member of the Horde or more often of the Forsaken. His face bears cuts and other wounds from the attack that caused his death, and always wears bloody bandages that may stick out from his abdominal armor. Removing these wraps would cause loose entrails and parasites to spill out from his torn gut. He has often used these parasites, enlarged by the R.A.S., for combat. He has dirty blonde hair, ratty and unkempt from his time in the graves of Tirisfal.

Who he/she is: In life, Derrick Grables was a stable boy and farmhand for the various steads of Tirisfal. His life was mostly normal and uneventful until a night in Capital City when he was viciously mauled by the reanimated corpse of a young woman. He was then buried, but seemed to rest only for a moment before Arthas and the Scourge swept through Lordaeron. Raised as a shambling shell of his former self, Derrick took the name Wormgut after the squirming parasites that feasted on his remains. His role in the Scourge was as minor as it had been for the kingdom of Lordaeron, mostly used as fodder for the campaign of the undead.

When Sylvanas Windrunner formed the Forsaken, Wormgut was given renewed purpose. He returned to his former profession by serving under the Undercity stable master Anya Maulray, growing confident in his ability to control the carrion parasites that swarmed his corpse. With aid from the R.A.S., he unleashes chemically enlarged insects and all manner of revolting beasts on the enemies of the Dark Lady.

Mentored By: None
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