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#7996722 Jun 17, 2013 at 04:16 AM
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Okay, I'm going to explain how these Contracts work so hopefully there's no confusion!

Every now and then, I am going to post 2-3 "contracts" to this page for any KMG members to group up and complete! These things can range from hunting down a bounty to collecting lumber in Ashenvale. These missions are meant to be completed in groups of 2-5 (preferably no less than 3) people, who will collaborate on their own time about when to complete a mission. Even if it's as simple as grabbing a few random people who are online to complete this, it's up to you guys how and when you do these. Most of these contracts will be able to be completed more than once, so do not stress about nabbing something at first sight if it really interests you. With that in mind, while each one can be done as many times that week as you are willing, I obviously cannot force you to complete them. They're completely voluntary RP missions meant for you guys to enjoy.

Should you take one, chat with a few other guildies about when you want to do it, or like I said, see if anyone online at the time wants to join in! When you have your group ready and set to go, well... go! Complete the objective(s), and once you are done, send an IC mail letter to Grazzug reporting your mission, and whether or not your job was a success. Get to it, Mercs!
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