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Grazzug / Oct 05, 2018
*A note has been nailed onto the KMG bounty board, sealed with the sigil of Grommash Hold*

Warforged Warriors of the Horde,

We have recently been made aware of the bad blood between your kin and the Zandalari Empire. This history of theft and assassination has led to some tension since your first landing parties set foot on the Port of Zandalar. In fact, from our understanding you've had your two initial landing parties exiled to the deserts of Vol'dun.

Be assured that negotiations continue to return your people from exile. Your orders stand even in these uncertain times. You are to continue working alongside the Zandalari, with the goal of winning their trust, even if you must do so from the dreary swamps of Nazmir and the wastelands of Vol'dun.

We shall be in touch as our negotiations continue.

Who we are:
Warforged Legacy is a Horde roleplay guild on Wyrmrest Accord. We place an emphasis on believable characters, social awareness, and the current story of the Warcraft universe. Every member has a personal storyline and a series of in-character quests they must complete to advance in the guild, and in-character questing and guild-wide plots are happening constantly.

We accept all Horde races and classes.

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Warforged Legacy is a single guild, but one made up of three separate in-character groups:

The Kalimdor Mercenaries (K.M.G for short) are a Horde loyal company that accept orcs, tauren, goblins, pandaren and trolls, and who are out to make some fast coin while bringing glory to their people!

The Scythe of Sylvanas is a group of Forsaken who have united to fight together to defend Lordaeron and work to further the plans of Lady Sylvanas.

The Sunborne Highblades are a faction of Sin'dorei working in the service of a mysterious shadow organization known only as the 'Patrons.' The order of scholars and magi, warriors and hunters, are resolute servants of Quel'Thalas. The Highblades are devoted to ensuring their people thrive once again through exploring the ancient secrets of the world and stand ready against any threat to the sin'dorei!


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