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[Pinned] Warforged Minecraft Server

So I was asked to create a Minecraft server for the guild.'s being hosted on Eadwig's computer, if it's down, shoot me a message and I'll figure out what's up.
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[Pinned] Other Games
Other Games

[Pinned] Other Games

Making a new thread as the old one was a year old and had no updates!Post any battle tags, names etc for games you don't mind be contacted in. No pressure to share or anything, just to help networking between guildies in other games :)Minecraft Se...
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Guild Wars 2

Been playing this a bit lately and would welcome any familiar faces while exploring Tyria.Highest toon is Hattai, my lvl 27 Charr Engineer.
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I realize this isn't a "Game", but it is another activity. If you're doing it and want to be writing buddies, what's your username?Mine is Vandaera.Happy writing!
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Minecraft & other game ideas!

Hey WFL,Should we get a Minecraft server set up again? Also, the new Guild Wars expac is out. Is anyone here planning on checking that out? Invar also mentioned some other games we could play.. anyone have any ideas? -Ofey
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Elite: Dangerous

So, I picked this up a while back, and have been on and off it the past couple weeks. It's pretty fun, even when solo, but having more pilots around to hang with always makes it more enjoyable.If you've got it, feel free to add me. CMDR KaoticFo...
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Game Search!

This is a difficult search I am taking for a friend. What makes it difficult is what we do and don't remember, so any help trying to track this down would be awesome.What we remember: A Point and Click adventure released somewhere around 2000, th...
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Some of us are hanging on SWTOR as they have double exp till the 7th. We are Imperials and on The Ebon Hawk server for any who wish to join. This is just a time sink so unless you just really love the game I wouldn't recommend sinking a lot of mon...
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Minecraft Adventures - Screenshots

Post your fun and hard work here! :)
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TESO interest?

I know that juggling two different MMO's is always a pain, and especially with how Warlords is looking right now, my interest in finding a new one went from high to nearly non-existant, but I just wanted to gauge the interest for The Elder Scrolls...
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SO. Me and a buddy from work decided that we wanted a multiplayer server to play on for Minecraft, so I went and got one. However, it holds a lot more than 2 people! So if anyone is interested, feel free to join us. I will have to whitelist you fo...
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